1. Industrial Waste Treatment.
  2. Resource Recovery as a Method of Waste Treatment.
  3. Pollution Prevention.
  4. Operator Training.


  1. ENVE 424/CE 476: Solid Waste Management (Fall 2000)
  2. ENVE 497A: Sustainable Engineering (Fall 2000)
  3. CE 575: Industrial Waste Treatment & Pollution Prevention (Spring 2001)
  4. ENVE 441: Water Treatment Design and Operation

(for which Dr. Cole was Project Director)

  1. Animal Manure Management and Odor Control:

  2. NSF, DuPont, and Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (1972-1974) ($9,000).
  3. Laboratory Scientific Equipment for Water Resources:

  4. NSF (1975-1977) ($38,000).
  5. Water Quality Management Program Development:

  6. EPA (1977-1979)($68,000).
  7. Socio Economic Impact of Water Saving Devices:

  8. Ford Foundation (1978)($20,000).
  9. Citizen Advisory Group Training Project:

  10. EPA (1979-1981)($261,000).
  11. Evaluation of Construction of Locally Financed Wastewater Treatment Plants:

  12. EPA (1982-1983) ($9,900).
  13. Local Financing of Wastewater Treatment Plants

  14. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources (1986) ($10,000).
  15. Single Cell Protein Production

  16. Hershey Foods (1983-1987) ($10,000).
  17. Production of High Energy Fuel from Hazardous Waste

  18. Ben Franklin Partnership with Industrial Solvents & Chemical Co.
    (Summer 1987 funded for $24,041).
    (Academic Year 1987-88 funded for $145,116).
    (Academic Year 1988-89 funded for $87,614).
  19. Municipal Waste Recycling Plan

  20. PA DER and Lower Swatara Township (1989-1990) ($28,000).
  21. Toxicity Testing Using Microtox Test

  22. Hershey Foods ($30,000 equipment, $2000 supplies) Williamsport Authority ($1,000 supplies)
  23. Point of Use Water Treatment Devices,

  24. Herrmidifier Corp ($1,200 equipment) Aquafresh ($750 + devices) PSU Undergraduate Research Award ($500) (1989-1990)
  25. First Municipal Waste Recycling Teleconference

  26. Oct 31-Nov 2, 1990 with Evelyn D'Elia, Pennsylvania DER and Dept. of Ed. ($30,000)
  27. Second Municipal Waste Recycling Teleconference,

  28. April 1,1991, with Evelyn D'Elia, Pennsylvania DER and US EPA ($55,000)
  29. Laboratory Scientific Equipment for Environmental Engineering Technology

  30. NSF ($44,000 total) (l99l) with S. McClintock.
  31. Third Municipal Waste Recycling Teleconference,

  32. October 5, 1993, with Evelyn D'Elia, Pennsylvania DER ($30,000)
  33. Fourth Municipal Waste Recycling Teleconference,

  34. November 1, 1995, with Evelyn D’Elia, Pennsylvania DEP. Funded by PA DEP, APR, APC and NAPCOR ($56,000).
  35. Environmental Engineering Program, July 1996, C. Cole and H. Sachs, Whittaker Foundation ($300,000).
  36. Environmental Training Center, October 1997, Pennsylvania DEP Construction Funds ($500,000).
  37. Naval Inventory Control Point - Mechanicsburg, Technical Advisors to Restoration Advisory Board, with K. Baker and R. S. Huebner, May 1998, U.S. EPA, ($4000).
  38. Small Water Systems Technology Assistance Center, October 1998, C. Cole and Y. Xie, US EPA, October 1998, Funded through 2005 for ($2,122,000)
  39. Environmental Training Center Cooperative Operating Agreement, June 1999, PA DEP, Funded through 2004 for ($1,037,000)

Other Funded Grants:
(for which Dr. Cole was an investigator)

  1. Water Quality Management Training

  2. Pennsylvania DER (1978) ($20,000).
  3. Waste Load Allocation

  4. Pennsylvania DER (1979) ($20,000).
  5. Renovation of Failing Septic Systems by Water Conservation

  6. EPA (1980 1981) ($195,000).
  7. Resource Recovery (Recycle, Reuse and Recovery) in the Synthetics and Plastics Industry

  8. Pennsylvania DER (1983-1984) ($300,000).
  9. Use of Pollution Prevention in Pennsylvania Industry to Achieve a  Sustainable Future, US EPA 1996-1998 ($50,000).
  10. Naval Inventory Control Point - Mechanicsburg, Technical Advisors to Restoration Advisory Board, with K. Baker and R.S. Huebner, May 1998, U.S. EPA, ($10,000).
  11. Steps Toward Nitrogen Removal at the Harrisburg Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility, Samuel McClintock is PI, Pennsylvania DEP, May 1999, ($261,000).
  12. Assisting Manufacturers to Achieve Sustainable High Performance Status Through Application of Pollution Prevention and Activity Based Costing Activities, Warren Weaver of PENNTAP is PI, US EPA Region 3, October 1999, ($64,000).

Environmental Training Center Manuals

Dr. Cole has coauthored and or edited, since 1999, with varying degrees of input (from 75% input on down) numerous publications of the Small Public Water System Technology Assistance Center and Environmental Training Center numerous publications. The Center Publications do not list the specific author and editor. Here is a partial list:

Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletters have been produced to date. The circulation is near 2000.

Course Workbooks:

This includes both a looseleaf instructor guide and student workbook for each course.


Water Chlorination-
Operators Utilizing Computers-
Small Water System Operator & Maintenance-
Cross Connection Control-
Jar Testing for Process Control of Water Treatment-
Operation & Water Quality Data Management for Small Water System Operators-
Submitting Monitoring Data Electronically-
Rate Design & Rate Setting-
Basic Math-


Introduction to Conventional Filtration-
Water Analysis-
Chemical Feed Metering Pumps-
Confined Space Level I and Level II-
Distribution Valves-
Centrifugal Pumps-

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