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Terrain methods instructions prepared by students in Applied Cartographic Design course, Spring 2011. Slides for presentation at NACIS 2011 (57MB PPT).

Photo of Cindy Brewer, from ICC2009 in Santiago Chile

Census Atlas of the United States (2009) is the first comprehensive atlas of population and housing produced by the Census Bureau since the 1920s. Trudy Suchan is first author and project leader, and I'm included in the author set. Chapters in PDF for the large-format publication (300 pages, 800 maps) are online.

atlas cover

Select Theses:
Mamata K. Akella, 2008, First Responders and Crisis Map Symbols: Making Communication Clearer (3.4MB PDF)
Stephen D. Gardner, 2005, Evaluation of the ColorBrewer Color Schemes for Accommodation of Map Readers with Impaired Color Vision (6.1MB PDF)

orange gates photo

1.  "Dressing for the Gates" poster by Cindy (8x21")

mini ColorBrewer

2. PSU press releases about ColorBrewer: first and second.
3. CMYK color specifications for Census atlas maps
(Tables only version). Geoff Hatchard's research, as an MSc student, shows these schemes all work well for colorblind readers.
4. The prototype Census atlas from 2001: Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity (Census 2000 Special Report, Series CENSR/01-1). Buy ESRI's reprint of the Census atlas online (also on Amazon; ISBN 1-58948-014-7).

snippet of atlas cover

Color use guidelines for mapping and visualization: 
5. Presentation at ASA 1999 meeting
6. Figures from Visualization in Modern Cartography chapter

7. Guidelines for selecting hue pairs for diverging schemes , Figures from Cartographic Journal article.


8. Color Representation of Aspect and Slope Simultaneously , Proceedings paper with additional figures, Auto Carto 11.

segment of aspect and slope image

Epidemiological mapping (with Linda Pickle):
9. CDC mortality atlas with maps designed to be read by colorblind; related PSU press release .
10. Annals article on classing epidemiological maps in series (6MB PDF ) and supporting web site with maps, data, and test questions used
(Note: I'm still checking and editing the maps on this site, so don't do anything serious with them quite yet).

mortaility choropleth map segment

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