Alexandria BoE Scenario Rating Form

Alexandria relies on your input! After you've played one of the many scenarios, please take the time to fill out the form below, and give other BOE players your input.

Please score each scenario from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Scores are acceptable to the first decimal place. Then click on each appropriate attribute. Finally, click on the Submit button to send an e-mail to the Alexandria custodian.

Note: This form may not work with AOL's browser. If you are using AOL's browser, please just manually type and e-mail this information.

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Scenario Attributes:


Complex - not for new players.

Epic-like in size, scope.

Graphics customized are excellent.

Puzzles & logical challenges.

Storyline is excellent.

Buggy. Things don't work.

Spelling and/or grammar errors.

Design of towns, dungeons, and outdoors is excellent.

Fighting is over-used.

Rewards balanced for quest difficulty. No giveaways or ripoffs.

Adult content, concepts.


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