What's in a Font?

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I used to be quite the font buff - even to the point of reading research on the instructional affordances of font choice. While nothing ever truly came of that research that I know of, I recently read about font choice and cost savings in the January 2012 issue for Campus Technology (v.24, issue 5).

Accordingg to the Green Flash article, you can save big bucks by switching from your default font to one that is "thinner." The example they cite is a switch from Arial to Century Gothic. Here's a quick and dirty example:

Supposedly this is 31% more efficient. Another choice that I can't show here but you can see for yourself is EcoFont. Download and print the example PDF. Cool idea - put holes in the font to reduce ink use.

I'm not sure what to think here. Sure saving $$$ is good, but at the cost of using what may be (according to the individual) a non-optimal font?

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Would using a black background with white text save electricity on screen? Interesting stuff Brett. Too bad people are printing email.

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