Animation for the Rest of Us?

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The other day I downloaded a beta version of Adobe Edge. Edge is a simple animation tool that uses HTML5, JavaScript, etc. to produce and play web animations. Here's what I was able to do in 45 minutes with no prior experience.

This kinda reminds me of Flash 1.0. Simple, easy to use.  I hope Adobe keeps Edge simple. If it does, lunkheads like me that need to show simple, non-interactive animations to strengthen an instructional point might actually be able to do so ourselves!

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Nice work, Brett. I thought it was a handy little app, too. I have hopes for it and wish I had more time to see what it does. Thelatest release is supposed to add scripting functionality, but I haven't seen it yet.

I found that the easiest way to get the animation into a blog post, if you wanted something here, is to use an iframe.

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