The Game Mechanics Game

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At the Penn State Network of Trainers Summer 2011 Event, I decided to try something a little different with my poster titled "Adding Game-like Elements to Your Course." I created a billboard and added over 25 game mechanics to it with the idea that folks would come up to me, pull up a flap with a picture on it and read what that game mechanic was.

It was somewhat of a success, but I'm not sure I would do it again. Many folks were too shy to engage me in that manner, and to fit all the game mechanics on the billboard I had to make each mechanic small and thus hard to read. Still, it was great fun!

In another month I'll be guest lecturing in Comm 190 at Penn State, Games and Interactive Media. I decided to take the game mechanics and images and turn them into a card game.

The game consists of Game Mechanic cards:


and Discipline cards:


Here are the rules:

  1. Challenge another player for one of their Game Mechanic cards by choosing and presenting a Game Mechanic card and a Discipline card from your deck.
  2. If the other player accepts the challenge, s/he must choose a Game Mechanic card from his/her deck.
  3. Find a third (or more), non-playing judge(s).
  4. Read aloud your Game Mechanic card.
  5. Opponent must read aloud his/her chosen Game Mechanic card.
  6. Give an example of how to use your game mechanic in the discipline listed on the Discipline card.
  7. Your opponent must give an example of how to use his/her game mechanic in the discipline listed on his/her Discipline card.
  8. Judge picks a winner - who gave the best example? Winner takes one randomly chosen Game Mechanic card from the loser.
At the end of game play, the player with the most card wins!

I do have to tip my hat to Metagames for the format of all this. I played a similar game by them recently. I can't wait to try this out. My hope is this will introduce the students to the idea of game mechanics and how they might be used in instructional situations. I also hope the post-game debrief will lead to some interesting conversations.

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Cool idea. I like the cards. Elizabeth did something along those lines for the globalization topic at the Learning Design Summer Camp.

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