It may require some research to find the computer-based training vendor that can best meet your needs. One place to start might be SoftBank Institute (10 Presidents Landing, Medford, MA 02155, telephone 800/34-TRAIN), which provides vendor reference information. Another would be one of the vendor reference books listed in the "Books and Magazines" section of the appendix.

Vendors' sales representatives can also be valuable sources of information about what computer-based training programs can and cannot do for you. However, you need to recognize that many of their answers may be biased; their number one job is to sell their training packages to you.

If you offer a relevant service that could be included here, please complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Ainsworth & Partners, Inc.
4504 N. Highway H
Ridgeway, WI 53582
Telephone: 608/924-9234

Ainsworth & Partners offers a teacher's keyboard guide: keyboarding in the classroom, touch entry keypad training, automatic number entry, teacher's questions, and personal hands on demonstration.

American Management Association
135 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10020
Telephone: 800/262-9699
Fax: 518/891-0368

Product lines include: 1) a planning and scheduling technology that lets you experience the role and responsibilities of a project manager first hand, and 2) quality improvement tools.

Aztec Software Associates/CAL
24 Tulip Street, Box 864
Summit, NJ 07901
Telephone: 201/273-7443

Course emphasis is computer-based training in writing skills and numerical skills. Develops and markets competency-based education and self-paced skill training for the business and government environments. Products are designed to enhance personnel development and to give employees the opportunity to learn basic skills privately, with the ability to practice at their own pace. Products can also be part of an instructor-led course, or an evaluation tool, or just used for reinforcement.

CATSco - Counseling and Training Solutions 1531 Chapala Street, Suite 4
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Telephone: 805/963-3206

Course emphasis is interactive computer-based training programs for wellness, health education, self improvement and management training, and personal development. Offers computer-based training programs primarily on health and wellness topics. Representative programs include the following: Birth Control, HELP-Assert, HELP-Esteem, HELP-Stress, and HELP-Think.

Computer Knowledge International (CKI)
1300 Weathervane Lane, Suite 210
Akron, OH 44313
Telephone: 216/836-1866

Course emphasis is computer-based training products, consulting, and customization for the data processing training industry. CKI has an experienced computer-based training production team and does customized projects for major companies. CKI carefully created its own authoring system, Images, over a three-year period for the creation of computer-based training products.

Computer Training & Support Corporation
Software Products Division
14115 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48154
Telephone: 313/525-1400

Fax: 313/525-1681

CTSC offers three products related to testing and training: Test Construction Set, Survey Construction Set, and Skills Assessment Tests.

The Conover Company, Ltd.
P.O. Box 155
Omro, WI 54963-0155
Telephone: 800/933-1933
Fax: 800/933-1943

Conover offers The Integrator Series, a competency-based, applied academic program integrating, or connecting, an assessment process to a comprehensive skill enhancement process. The series includes modules in math communications, interpersonal skills, and problem solving using a functional context approach. Exercises are job-specific and have basic skills content taken directly from the workplace or occupational training programs.

Courseware Technologies Inc.
11300 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92121
Telephone: 800/736-1936 ext. 13

Courseware Technologies' catalog offers a variety of CBT products on databases, networking, office automation, operating systems, etc. The packages are designed for self-paced learning and the presentation is easy to follow. You can request evaluation copies of each product.

Creative Approaches, Inc.
PO Box 116, 55 State Street
East Bloomfield, NY 14443
Phone : (800) 964-6299 or (716) 657-6379
Fax : (800) 934-6299 or (716) 657-6303
Web Site (Created in-house):

We are a proven vendor (since 1983) with a custom solution for launching your firm on the Web or for training or marketing your product, service, or software application. Software and product simulations are our specialty. Our newest product, CCW for Windows, exactly simulates Windows applications. It works in conjunction with other multimedia or Web-enabled training software products. We will also translate your existing multimedia or Web-based program to other languages. We convert existing reference or training materials to multimedia or Web-accessible format. Platforms include Windows, OS/2, DOS, Macintosh, mainframe, and AS/400.

Curriculum Associates, Inc.
5 Esquire Road
North Billerica, MA 01862-2589
Telephone: 508/667-8000 or 800/225-0248
Fax: 508/667-5706

Curriculum Associates markets workplace courseware that provides skills for on the job success.

Web Site:

Noel Stubbs
Managing Director,
CBTS (Australia) Pty Limited
ABN 22 006 060 635
Suite 1/102 Barkers Road
Hawthorn, Victoria 3122 AUSTRALIA
Telephone: +61 3 9855 0302
Fax: +61 3 9855 0420

DiscoverWare is a leading developer of interactive productivity and education solutions for business. DiscoverWare produces multimedia education unlike anything currently available. These networkable, just-in time training solutions for major software packages shifts the current training paradigm into a measurably more effective learning process. It is like having a private tutor at your side, for a fraction of the cost. DiscoverWare lets you learn...what you want...when you want...where you want...and even... how you want.

DistaLearning International
P.O. Box 35613
Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: 800-998-8764
Web Site:

DistaLearning International is a distant learning resource site for internet and intranet based training. DLI provides course listings, descriptions, and company information from producers of distant learning training programs.

DPEC, Inc.
851 West Third Ave.
Building 3
Columbus, Ohio 43212
Tele: 800-223-3732
Fax: 614-781-6510

Only DPEC offers you mainframe, client/server and end-user courses in true HTML format. Which means only DPEC can offer your employees an immediate response to their training needs, anywhere in the world, at any time, through your Intranet. If remote locations don't have intranet access, they can take the courses from anywhere in the world directly from our web site as well.

Instead of waiting for courses or learning objects to download to a user's computer, DPEC courses play interactively directly from your company intranet. For this reason, our courses can also be used as a reference tool after the course has been completed. Unlike other companies, DPEC courses play on Windows 3.x, 95, and NT machines.

If your training involves special situations that cry out for a tailor-made solution, you can easily customize the courses using our D-Note utility or any popular HTML editor. Unlike other vendor's courses developed in Java or other formats, each screen in a DPEC course is a separate HTML file that you can modify, hyper-link or remove.

DPEC courses include extensive interaction, including task-based simulations and sample code that can be inserted directly into your programs. Our floating Table of Contents and Index allows the student to quickly find just the information they seek, making them instantly productive. For the best return on your training investment, choose DPEC.

Educational Resources for Electronics Technology
Web Site:

Add computer aided instruction to your training today!

No curriculum, textbook or lesson plan changes are required! Simply load our software on your computers and assign students the appropriate activities. You can track their progress by using printed certificates or by having students store scores on diskettes. You can even let students use the software on home computers with our unlimited site licenses!

The activities can be used repeatedly by students. New components and parameters are selected each time an activity is used. This prevents students from simply memorizing answers while encouraging them to learn procedures and processes.  The activities can also be used to assess the skill level of incoming students and trainees.



Call 1-800-308-0154 for a free trial CD.

No Obligation.

Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6064
Princeton, NJ 08543-5145

Educational Testing Service has developed the LearningPlus program for adult learners who need help with basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills.

FirstClass Systems Corporation
#119 - 7565 132nd Street
Surrey, BC V3W 1K5
Tel: 1-800-567-7766
Fax: 604-592-0552
Web site:

FirstClass Systems is a leading provider of technology based training solutions. FirstClass Systems has one of the largest technology-based training libraries in the market sector, with over 1,800 courses that capture and maintain the interest of students, using extensive graphics, animation and meaningful interactions to ensure cost-effective learning.

FirstClass Systems delivers this "best of breed" courseware through its flagship deployment technology, FCS WorldNet, a platform independent system allowing FirstClass Systems customers access their training anytime and anywhere.

Glencoe, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill
936 Eastwind Drive
Westerville, OH 43081
Telephone: 614/899-4489
Fax: 614/899-4414

Product lines include: 1) Glencoe Foundations For Success -- Beyond Words; 2) Glencoe Foundations for Success -- Math Basics; and 3) Another Page.

Home Planet Technologies
609 C Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
Telephone: 707/769-8577
Fax: 707/769-0152

Home Planet Technologies sells The protean Strategist, a business simulation program to help managers explore and refine strategic business skills.

InfoSource, Inc.
6947 University Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32792
Telephone: 407/677-0300 or 800/393-4636
Fax: 407/677-9226

Seminar-On-A-Disk courses include: operating environments, databases, Internet, graphics and presentation, and electronic mail & utilities. Seminar-On-A-Disk, Multimedia Edition Computer-Based, Multimedia Learning on CD-ROM courses include: operating environments, databases, spreadsheets, and graphics and presentations. Presenter Series-Instructor-Led, Customizable, Presentation-Based Courseware include: operating environments, Internet, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations, integrated software.

3 Grogan's Park, Suite 200
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Telephone: 713/298-1010

Course emphasis is how to develop computer-based training or interactive videodisc training. InterCom specializes in interactive media, having produced materials in a wide range of applications using a variety of hardware and authoring systems. Since 1981, InterCom has also developed and produced over 60 interactive video disc sides, and the firm's workshops in computer-based training have been offered since 1982.

13515 Dulles Technology Drive
Herndon, VA 22071-3416
Phone: 800/638-3757
Fax: 703/713-0065

ITC offers for Activ Learning Libraries. The Comsell Library includes courses on windows, DOS, and information engineering. The Basic Skills Library includes applied mathematics, reading and writing enhancement, and enhancing team performance. The Regulatory Library has 13 specific regulatory courses. The Technical Skills Library contains courses in fundamentals, quality safety, mechanical, electrical/electronic, and instrumentation.

Knowledge Anywhere
Web Site:

Knowledge Anywhere is a leader in developing customized Web-based e-learning solutions for corporations in just six to eight weeks. We also offer hundreds of ready-to-use virtual classes in a wide range of subjects from sales and computing skills to human resources and financial planning. In addition, Knowledge Anywhere provides Continuing Education (CE) courses for insurance, securities, certified public accountant (CPA) and certified financial planner (CFP) professionals. All classes are available to individual business professionals or can be included as part of a corporation's e-learning offerings.

Laurel Mountain Communications (LMC Consultants) 15 Straw Avenue
Northampton, MA 01060
Telephone: 800/665-7603


LMC consultants has broad experience in designing computer-based instruction programs. The company has worked with many Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T, Pfizer, General Reinsurance, KPMG Peat Marwick, Pratt and Whitney and others. The firm's three levels of focus include: needs analysis and front-end consulting, design and development of high-quality instructional and communications materials, and evaluation of programs and participant assessments to determine the impact of training.

Learning Tree International
1805 Library Street
Reston, VA 22090
Telephone: 800/709-5915 or 703/709-5915
Fax: 703/709-6405

Learning Tree International's courses include: network and telecommunications; NetWare CNE/CNA; client/server; Oracle 7, Sybase, and RDBMS; operating systems and programming; software development and technical management; PC service and support.

Interactive Media Solutions
Beaver Meadow Road
Sharon, VT 05065
Phone: 802/763-7599

LexIcon sells computer-based training programs that use hypertext to link together job-related and basic skills instruction. Training modules on such topics as hazardous materials, total quality management, and communications are backed up with instruction on reading graphs or understanding difficult words and technical terms. Students work through the job-related instruction and only call up the supporting basic skills instruction, via hypertext, when they need it.

NetPool Technologies
Developing Innovative Approaches to Assist People with Disabilities
1800 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 115
Reston, VA 22091
Telephone: 703/715-0460
Fax: 703/715-0462

NetPool Technologies offers innovative systems, training programs, and approaches to facilitate the employment of people with disabilities or who are economically disabled. Subject areas include: employment, temporary services, internship programs, educational programs, PASS management, NetPool statistics, merchant resources, case management, service providers, entrepreneur businesses, prospective employers, funding resource management, and ADA compliance for prospective employers.

New Horizons

Web Site:

Founded in 1982, New Horizons has grown rapidly to become the global IT training leader. New Horizons is the largest independent IT training company in the world. The company's network of training centers is committed to offering a cutting-edge curriculum, enabling clients to deploy a full range of technologies. Each year, New Horizons delivers approximately 3 million student days of instruction worldwide, offering businesses and individuals more training choices for learning than any other company:

Self Study Source
2203 North Lois Ave.
Suite 1210
Tampa, FL 33607
Tel: 1-800-330-9111
Web Site:

Self-Study Source, the global leader in self paced computer technology training solutions for the IT Professional, provides the most complete and up to date self-paced certification and job related training library available. By combining the finest instructor led lectures with the latest Technological trends in content development and delivery, Self-Study Source has recreated the classroom experience for students in which a traditional classroom format is not applicable.

SmartForce e-Learning
900 Chesapeake Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063
Telephone: 800/387-0932 or 650/817-5900
Web Site:

e-Learning is a powerful, Internet-based solution that leverages the Web to provide a fundamentally faster and better way to learn. It allows students - or e-Learners - to immerse themselves in a dynamic, continuously updated learning environment that provides access to a variety of learning events and resources, including online seminars, mentoring, news, white papers and peer-to-peer collaboration. It also gives e-Learners access to SmartForce's industry-leading library of information technology courseware titles, as well as SmartForce's business and interpersonal skills courseware offerings. Visit their site at

Ultimedia Tools Series
Advanced Media Fulfillment Center
695 Town Center Drive, Suite 250
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Telephone: 800/UTS-7771
Fax: 800/UTS-7772

Ultimedia's Multimedia Studio Lite product line includes: Album and Image Editor.

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