ICT4D Grants

Number   Name of  organization Name of grant Contact person (if available) URL
   1 International Development Research Centre, Canada
Ms. Isabella Mugo, Project Coordinator, University of Nairobi http://www.ict4dgrants.org
   2 The Swedish Program for ICTs in Developing Regions Spider Stockholm University www.spidercenter.org/research
   3 Microsoft Research Foundations
Dr. Jonathan Donner http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/jdonner/
   4 LirneAsia
Dr. Rohan Samarajiva, CEO of LirneAsia http://www.lirneasia.net/
   5 Infodev, World Bank
Dr. Tim Kelly http://www.infodev.org/en/Page.About.Index.html
   6 UNESCO UNITWIN Dr. Tim Unwin http://ict4d.org.uk/

Nokia Research Centre



The Center for Rural Pennsylvania



The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Grand Challenges in Global Health


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