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Trending across countries, Zumba is an exercise program that's making its way into the hearts and lives of many who seek spiritual, psychological, and physical health. The bio-psychosocial model helps to explain health and illness by determining psychological, biological, and social factors (Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts).  There are different ways that social factors impact health. Zumba positively affects people's physical and mental health by helping cope with stress, staying physically fit, improving self- esteem, and having fun.

Social factors impact health through socioeconomic factors such as by being influenced socially by friends or family. The people around us may engage in certain behaviors that we then adopt depending on what they believe to be approved behaviors (Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012). How we cope with stress and illness depends on some level by our social factors because the presence of certain people may affect our health positively or negatively. People make seek an appraisal to a stressor as a judgment of how to respond to stress such as taking a Zumba class to relieve stress (Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012). Zumba can be used as emotion focused coping (deals with issue indirectly & to control emotions) but not as problem focused coping (which focuses on dealing with the issue).

Zumba created by Beto Perez is a dance- based fitness program that can help people lose weight by lifting moods, improving physical fitness and improving the general well- being of its participants. CNN reports a woman named Ashlee who weighed 330lbs. at the age of 21 (Wilson, 2013). However, through Zumba she managed to lose more than 123lbs. dancing to the Latin- inspired fitness class that blends international music with booty shaking that can burn up to 650 calories (Wilson, 2013)! Ashlee experiences different Zumba classes by going at least 5 times a week for an hour with different Zumba instructors.   Zumba influences cross culturally by bringing Latin, Hindi, & other different kinds of music to exercising.

LA Fitness is a gym that offers a variety of Zumba classes that range in difficulty from easy to expert levels. I speak from experience not only as an employee of LA Fitness but also as an avid fan and participant of Zumba. The exercise program not only helps promote network support which provides a sense of membership in a group with similar interests and social support which provides emotional and esteem support (Schnedier, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012). Clay football players hold a Zumba-thon for a good cause and enjoyed themselves (Lathrop, 2013). The football team raised money for the Secret Sister's Society which helps provide mammograms for women in need. See the video http://www.fox28.com/story/23543778/2013/09/26/clay-football-players-zumba-for-a-cause. Zumba helps contribute to good health by means of social support, stress coping, and physical fitness. For information about Zumba or LA Fitness visit:




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Although I have never participated in a Zumba session or Zumbathon, I have felt the effects of this sensation through the activities of my wife. Facing an increasingly negative outlook on her health, my wife had attempted a few different programs, with mixed results. When Zumba was recommended to her, she was hooked from the start. Not only does it provide fantastic physical benefits, it is great for her mental health, and mine, as well. The combination of dance and exercise suits her fancy, as she always loved to get up and dance in various public gatherings. This class, however, provides her with so much more.

My wife's participation in Zumba is also a benefit to society, as her increased level of confidence can be an infectious stimulation at work and (as I have mentioned) at home; a positive demeanor will help make others well balanced in their choices in life. In this case, social influence comes in the form of seeing the health and well-being success of one individual, and being inspired to change your own ways.

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