Intramural Sports Participation Form

Please have all of you team members information before submitting this form. If you are not on a team and would like to be placed on a team please write need team next to your name in the box where you would list your team members and you will be placed on one.

All participants must be current Penn State Shenango students. Students will need to sign a consent form before competing, this can be done on the day of the first competition before the teams compete.

Your Name:

Your Telephone Number:

Your Email Address:

Team Name:

Please Check which way you would like to be contacted in the event something changes. Telephone

Please list all team members and their email addresses. When you list you team members please number them. For example:

1. Jammie Tomasone -

If you have any questions or problems, email Jammie at or call (724) 983-2837