National Governor’s Association Conference
Penn State University
State College, PA
July 8 – 11 2000
Check the normal Centre County Public Service frequencies for extra activity connected with this event. Lots of traffic, especially at the sites hosting the meetings (Nittany Lion Inn, Penn Stater Conference Center).
Security for the event is coordinated by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). A fleet of specially designated cars, driven by PSP troopers, were brought in to transport the guests between sites. The PSP cordoned off the Penn Stater and limited access during the entire event. Mounted police were present for crowd control (some protesters were arrested during the event).
Activity was heard on 155.46 MHz (PSP TAC 1 channel) and 154.755 MHz (PSP mobile repeater channel) with "Penn Stater Command Post", "Bryce Jordan Command Center", "Command Center", "Mobile Command Center", "Mounted" (horse-mounted troopers), "Checkpoint" , "Satellite Command Post", and numerous "NGA xx" (e.g., "NGA 25") units. Also heard limited traffic and data tones on TAC 2 (151.49 MHz). Since the PSP doesn't yet use trunked systems (that I'm aware of) here, there were noted several times when units would be "stepping on" other units. 

Activity also heard on 453.075, 458.075 with data and possible encrypted comms.

Numerous calls between NAG units and command post as the State Troopers shuttled the Governors and their staff between the sites and downtown locations (e.g., the Tavern Restaurant, The Corner Room, etc.) during the event.

Some encrypted activity (and one clear-voice) on the Secret Service Channel "O" 164.8875 MHz (Presidential Protection). President Clinton scheduled to address event 7/11/2000 at 2pm. Also heard Primary National Repeater / Motorcade frequency 165.375 MHz, and paging tones on 167.025 MHz. Discussions between pilots and ground at University Park Airport on 122.8 MHz at the time of the departure on Monday.
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