These frequencies cover the State College, Pennsylvania / Centre County Region.

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Update - Feb 2019: For many years the Commonwealth of PA has operated a much-maligned, proprietary OpenSky state-wide radio system, and previously-heard services such as State Police and PennDOT have been impossible to monitor. As of 2019 things are changing as the State moves to a standard P25 Phase II digital system. Not much heard in Centre County as of early 2019, but we will continue to follow the progress. More info here

While much of the local public service traffic is on the Centre County P25 digital trunked systems. As I monitor and verify frequencies, I will add them to this page.

Local Public Safety - P25 Phase I Digital System


The public service trunked radio system in Centre County moved to a simulcast P25 Phase I digital radio system with conventional UHF analog simulcast of Fire and EMS dispatchs in 2013 (article here.)

According to the system consists of a group of transmitters that cover the "outer region" (Mingoville, Bald Eagle, Howard, Kylertown, Pine Glen, Rhodes, Rock Run, Sandy Ridge, and Woodward), a group covering the "Centre region" (Center Hall, Little Flat, Pine Grove Mills, Port Matilda, Pine Hill (Philipsburg), Purdue, and Rattlesnake) and finally one on the Penn State area at the Ford Building on campus. Transmitters in these three regions each operate on a different set of frequencies. Traffic on the Penn State transmitters seems to be limited to campus users while the Centre and outer regions are supposedly carrying similar traffic. I can only pick up the Penn State and Centre towers so cannot verify what is carried on the outer region system.

Center Region Simulcast: 855.7375, 856.9625, 857.4625, 857.9625, 858.4625, 858.7125 (alternate control channel), 858.9625 (alternate control channel), 859.4625 (alternate control channel), 859.7125 (control channel)

Outer Region Simulcast: 854.9875, 855.9625 (alternate control channel), 856.2125 (alternate control channel), 857.2125 (alternate control channel), 859.9625 (control channel)

PSU Ford Bldg: 856.2625, 857.2625 (alternate control channel), 858.2625 (alternate control channel), 859.2625 (control channel), 860.2625 (alternate control channel)

The PSU Ford Building towers are easily heard at my house using an 800 MHz rubber-duck scanner antenna, but in order to reliably decode the Centre region I must use a 900 Mhz home-made yagi antenna pointed at the Pine Grove Mills transmitter site - if I use an omni-directional antenna I get far too much multicast interference. Also, the Centre towers come in best when the antenna is on the second floor of my house - the first floor location doesn't seem to have enough signal. I am using the RadioShack/GRE Pro-197 digital scanner.

Other Local Frequencies

460.6125 - Centre Co. EMS dispatch

453.975 - Centre Co. Fire dispatch

County Prison

Penn State
464.225 - PSU OPP

Other Counties - Police & Fire
155.520 - BOLO for Lamar, Mill Hall areas - assume Pennsylvania State Police on legacy frequency
155.535 - Union Co. Police dispatch
155.595 - Mifflin Co. Police dispatch
460.600 - Blair Co. Fire/EMS Dispatch
460.625 - sporatic data signal on Mifflin Co. Fire frequency

452.675 - CATA operations

Aircraft (AM mode)
ACARS heard on: 129.35, 130.025, 130.45, 131.125, 131.55, 131.725, 133.65

University Park Airport:
122.95 - UNICOM
127.65 - AWOS (automated weather)
119.625 - Ground
128.475 - Tower
118.55 - Clearance (NY Center)

Other local airports:
122.9 - Midstate
127.525 - Midstate AWOS
122.7 - Mifflin AWOS
123.85 - Mifflin
122.8 - Bellefonte
123.000 - Blair Co. UNICOM
121.2 - Blair Co. approach/departure
122.1 - Blair Co. flight services

Radio Station Studio Links (all WFM mode)
945.375 - WRSC
945.625 - WQWK
950.000 - WFGE
947.375 - WTLR
946.500 - WBUS

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