The Ball at the Pandæmonium Club



Elegant mice in Pandæmonium
Danced through the night in costumes bright with stars,
Danced by the light of fireflies caught in jars.
A blind cat played the great harmonium.
The mice arriving in their chauffered cars
Wore penguin suits and brilliant Dior frocks.
The jewels on their paws they'd thieved from clocks,
The language that they used they'd learned in bars.
They curtseyed and they bowed, wore out their socks,
Drank far too much and tweaked each other's tails,
Planned mergers, traps, cat-bellings, and fire sales,
And said that things are headed for the rocks.

The harmonium issued its last wheeze.
The guests went home to dreams of wine and cheese.



© Kevin Berland, 1999


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