I'm the manager of the software development team in Education Technology Services at Penn State. In this role, I explore the application of new communication modes to the teaching and learning environment. My group is responsible for both creating new software and integrating 3rd party software into University infrastructure. These software projects mainly have focused on internet-based collaboration solutions such as blogs, podcasting, web conferencing, and educational gaming. As the manager of Blogs at Penn State, I'm involved in investigating the use of blogs as e-portfolios for learning and academic assessment, personal content management, and general web-publishing.

Prior to working for Education Technology Services, I worked as a web developer and instructional technologist at the Penn State World Campus. I received a Bachelors of Arts in Media Studies from Penn State.

I think about photography, the future, the present, tools, teaching, learning, television, film, internet.

I am a father and husband.

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