A Definition of ID that I Like...Revisited

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I made the post because I finally found a definition of ID that I liked. You can read the original post here: A Definition of ID that I Like. Since then, I have revised that definition. The revised definition is provided below:

Instructional Design (ID) is part creative arts and part science which utilizes  theoretical as well as practical research in the areas of cognition, educational psychology, information technology, graphic and Web design, and problem solving. ID aims to create the best instructional environment and learning materials to bring a learner from the state of not  knowing, not feeling or not being able to accomplish certain tasks to the state of knowing, feeling and being able to accomplish those tasks in a given subject area through carefully organized interactions with information, activities and assessments.

So what do you think? Does it do the job? If you have a definition that you prefer, I'd love to read it. Please leave a comment.

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When people ask me what I do, I usual say I create online courses. Your definition is much better. I'm going to memorize it and recite to the entire family during the holiday break.

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