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It often happens that people reach certain point in their careers when they need to challenge themselves. They may feel that they have to recapture the old excitement, and find new ways to look at the same things they've been doing for too long.

I reached that point in the year 2000. By that time I was working in the Brooklyn Public Library for 7 years as a Government Documents Librarian, and I was getting more and more certain that I was ready to share the knowledge I gained that far.
My lucky stars were twinkling again, and I was able to receive an academic appointment at the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (CUNY). I have taught courses in social science information and government information. In each course, there were 3 major issues that I had to highlight most explicitly: what information is available out there, how this information is organized, and where to find it.
It proved to be more difficult than I thought initially because I had to organize sometimes disjointed pieces of data in my brain into the structured system of information, infuse it with knowledge of minute details that came from years of professional experience, and perhaps occasionally be able to sprinkle it with bits of wisdom.
Not only I found out that I enjoyed teaching as well as communication with students, I was also able to rekindle my passion in guiding library patrons on their daily great adventure called library research.

In the Spring of 2008, I had an even more challenging and yet exciting chance to teach an online course in Government Information Sources for the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science.
I am certain that online teaching component would become more and more prominent in the lives of all American students and faculty.


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Hi, my name is Anna. I was born in Moscow when it was still the capital of the former Soviet Union. My childhood dream was to become a journalist since I always liked to read, write, learn all I could about a variety of things and meet interesting people. But instead I have become a librarian.
I graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts with a degree (BA) in library science and bibliography, and was quite lucky to be selected to work for one of the largest national libraries in the world, the V.I. Lenin State Library (formerly known as the Rumyantsev Museum, and, at present, as the Russian State Library.
In 1989, I came to the United States as a political refugee. Eventually, I went back to school, and got an MLS from the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY). I became a Government
Information Librarian and worked for the Brooklyn Public Library for over 15 years.

I believe that coming to the IST PSU has been yet another logical step in my quest for data, information and knowledge. Wisdom might be somewhere around the corner, we'll see...

The image below is the 19th-century postcard of the Pashkov House overlooking the Moscow Kremlin. In the 19th century, the Pashkov House used to be a part of the Rumyantsev Museum, but now it houses the manuscript collection of the Russian State Library.

This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
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