• David Hughes
  • Daren Wei
  • Qiao Liu (joint with Zhiren Wang)


  • A.V. Kocergin, 1974; Professor, Moscow State University, Russia
  • Misha Brin, 1975; Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, College Park - Personal Page
  • Yakov B. Pesin, 1979; Distinguished Professor, Penn State University - Personal Page
  • E.A. Satayev, 1978; (1950-2015) Until 2015 Professor, Technical University, Obninsk, Russia
  • Ralf Spatzier, 1983; Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Personal Page
  • E. Arthur Robinson, Jr., 1983; Professor, George Washington University, Washington D.C. - Personal Page
  • C. Toll, 1983; Director, Mathematical Sciences Program, NSA.
  • Renato Feres, 1989; Professor, Washington University, St. Louis - Personal Page
  • Boris Hasselblatt; 1989, Professor, Tufts University - Personal Page
  • Mark Muldoon; 1991, Reader, University of Manchester, UK - Personal Page
  • D. DeLatte, 1991; Senior Cryptological Mathematician, U.S. Department of Defense; formerly Associate Professor, University of North Texas
  • C.-B Yue, 1991; Professor, Insitutute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • N. Qian; 1992, Senior Staff Scientist, Broadcom Corp
  • W.-F. Chen; 1992, System engineer, Hughes Space & Communication Company
  • Mirko Degli-Espoti; 1994, Professor, Universita di Bologna, Italy
  • Andrei Torok, 1995; Professor, University of Houston - Personal Page
  • Viorel Nitica, 1995; Professor, West Chester University - Personal Page
  • Alexey Kononenko, 1996; Renaissance Technologies, East Setauket, NY
  • Misha Guysinsky, 1997; Senior Lecturer, Penn State University
  • Serge Ferleger, 1998; 2000 - 2013, Renaissance Technologies, East Setauket, NY, Head of Foreign Equities, Principal Researcher, Medallion Fund
  • Sergey Yaskolko, 1999; Professor, Mathematics, South University
  • Alexander Mezhirov, 1999; Member of Technical Staff, MIT, Lincoln Lab, Lexington, MA
  • Boris Kalinin, 2000; Associate professor, Penn State University Personal page
  • Roland Gunesch, 2002; Professor, University of Education Vorarlberg, Austria
  • Alistair Windsor, 2002; Associate Professor, University of Memphis, Personal page
  • Vladimir Lemin, 2002; Portfolio manager, One William Street capital, Linkedin page
  • Danijela Damjanovic, 2004; Associate Professor KTH, Stockholm, Sweden; formerly Associate Professor, Rice University, Home page
  • Ilie Ugarcovici (joint with Svetlana Katok) , 2004; Associate Professor, DePaul University Personal Page
  • Travis Fisher, 2006, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley, New York Linkedin page
  • David Mieczkowski, 2006, Director, Portfolio manager, SCS financial Linkedin page
  • Bryce Weawer, 2008, Visiting Assistant Professor, James Madison University
  • Andrey Gogolev, 2009, Associate Professor, Ohio State University Old personal Page
  • Dmitry Scheglov, 2009, Federal Fluminense University, Brazil
  • Sun Peng, 2010, Assitant Professor, Central University of finance and Economics, Beijing, China
  • Zhenqi Jenny Wang, 2010, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University Home Page
  • Arseny Egorov, 2011 (joint with Svetlana Katok), Senior Knowledge Engineer, Reasoning Mind, Houston, TX Linkedin page
  • Lin Zhu, 2012, no current information
  • Weisheng Wu, 2014 (joint with Federico Rodriguez Hertz), Assistant Professor, Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing, China
  • Kurt Vinhage, 2016, NSF Poistdoctiral Fellow, University of Chicago
  • Shilpak Banerjee, 2017, Data Science Postdoc, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Alena Erchenko, 2018, Zessenhaus Visiting Professor, Ohio State University
  • Changguang Dong, 2018, Brin Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park

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