Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 1B

Editors Boris Hasselblatt and Anatole Katok

Elsevier, ISBN: 0-444-52055-4, November 2005



Partially hyperbolic dynamical systems (B. Hasselblatt, Ya. Pesin); pp 1-55.

Smooth ergodic theory and non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamics (L. Barreira, Y. Pesin) with an appendix by O. Sarig; pp 57-263.

Stochastic-like behavior in non-uniformly expanding maps (S. Luzzato); pp 265-326.

Homoclinic bifurcations, dominated splitting and robust transitivity (J. Pujals, M. Sambiano); pp 327-378.

Random dynamics (Yu. Kifer, Pei-Dong Liu); pp 379-499.

An introduction to Veech surfaces (P. Hubert, T.Schmidt); pp 501-526.

Ergodic theory of translation surfaces (H. Masur); pp 527-547.

On the Lyapunov exponents of the Kontsevich-Zorich cocycle (G. Forni); pp 549-580.

Counting problems in moduli spaces (A. Eskin); pp 581-595.

On the interplay between measurable and topological dynamics (E. Glasner, B. Weiss); pp 597-648.

Spectral properties and combinatorial constructions in ergodic theory (A. Katok, J.-P. Thouvenot); pp 649-743.

Combinatorial and Diophantine applications of ergodic theory (V. Bergelson) with appendices by A. Leibman and by A. Quas and M. Weirdl; pp 745-869.

Pointwise ergodic theorems for actions of groups (A. Nevo); pp 871-982.

Global attractors in PDE (V. Babin); pp 983-1085.

Hamiltonian PDE (S. Kuksin) with an appendix by D. Bambusi; pp 1087-1133.

Extended Hamiltonian systems (M. Weinstein); pp 1135-1153.

This volume is the second part of the two-volume set which covers most core areas of the modern theory of dynamical systems The first part Volume 1A appeared in 2002.

Additional volumes of the Handbook in Dynamical Systems series cover Applications (Volume 2, published in 2002) and Geometric Methods of Differentiable Dynamics (Volume 3, to be published).