1869 Myjava Census
Partial Transcription: Malek, Michalec, Polak

This transcription includes some families whose members are named Malek, Michalec, and Polak. See the surname list for the rest of the names in the census. If you have questions or comments about this list, please contact mhollick@mac.com
Copies of the original census available at LDS Film #2189396

Information -- read across:
4=birth year
5=religion (Ev=Lutheran)
6=marital status
8=I skipped this

House #1189:
Family #1
Person #1 Malek, Jan, male, 1801, Ev, zenaty, rolnick, Myjava
#2 “zena” Polak, Katerina, female, 1814, Ev. Vydata, Myjava
#3, Anna, dcera, female, 1843, Ev., vydata, Myjava (this entry crossed out)
. . . Note says: Vydata za Janem Fidrich (or Tidrich)
#4, Katerina, dcera, female, 1852, Ev. Vydata, Myjava
#5 Polak, Daniel, muz Katerina, male, 1840, Ev., zenaty
#6 Zuzanna, dcera, female, 1853, Ev., slobodny, Myjava
#7 Alzbeta, dcera, female, 1858, Ev., slobodny, Myjava

House #1243:
Family #1
Person #1 Jan Michalec, male, 1820, Ev., zenaty, Rolnik, Myjava
#2 Manzelka Alzbeta Michalec, female, 1819, Ev., vdova, Myjava
#3 Syn Jan, male, 1850, ev., slobod, Myjava
#4 Syn Pavel, male, 1861, Ev., slobod, Myjava

Person #6 in the first household married person #3 in the second household and were my great-great-grandparents.
M. Hollick mhollick@mac.com

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