The 1869 Census of Myjava: surname listing and partial transcription

Clothing worn by our Myjava ancestors

Views of Myjava

The Tourist Channel report on Myjava has photos, history, and current information.

The official Myjava web page (in Slovak)

The book Myjava, by Julius Bodnar, was published in 1911 in Slovakia. There are a few pages in the book about the emigration from Myjava to the US that began in 1890. An English translation of these pages can be found at The Omasta Pages,

There's more on the history of Myjava (going back to 1586), in both English and Slovak, at LMDizajn. This site also has an extensive collection of photos, including some old photos.

Many of our Myjava ancestors emigrated to Little Falls, New York. For an account of why, go to the Holy Trinity page and click on 'History of Holy Trinity.' Photos of Little Falls are here and here.

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