Slovak Sokol Brass Band in Chicago

Several of the members of this band immigrated to Chicago from Brezova pod Bradlom. The date of the photo is no earlier than 1905, since that's the year that Jan Placko arrived in Chicago.

Do you know the story of this band? Can you identify any of the Unknowns in the photo? Do you know the date of this photo?

See closeups below.

Top row: George Marton, Sam Fajnor, Steve Vrablik, Unknown Gaza

Middle row: John Holic, Stefan Rechtoris, Jan Kostelny, Martin Vrablik

Bottom row: Albert Martisovic, Martin Papanek, Stefan Danko, band director Josef Kratochvil

Top row: Unknown Gaza, Stefan Pazicky, Stefan Rechtoris

Middle row: Martin Vrablik, Tomas Mikulka, William Machacek

Bottom row: band director Josef Kratochvil, Unknown

Top row: Stefan Rechtoris, Unknown Mosny, Stefan Kostelny, Jan Placko

Middle row: Tomas Mikulka, William Machacek, Unknown Pazicky?

Bottom row: Unknown, Jan Tatara, Unknown

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