Transcription of Names on page 275

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Joannes Dobrovszky; Martinus Placsko; Georgius Placsko; Georgius Kadlecz; Georgius Rajcsak; Joannes Marin; Georgius Stephanik; Stephanus Janigha; Joannes Noszko; Martinus Kudlacsek; Joannes Tatar; Martinus Vavro; Martinus Moravicz; Joannes Placsko; Joannes Gasparecz; Joannes Bucsinecz; Martinus Polnosz; Joannes terpak; Joannes Koptula; Georgius Duris; Martinus Blanar; Michael Polnosz; Joannes Holossa; Stephanus Fosska; Nicolaus Barinyecz; Michael Sztanko; Petrus Polyak; Joannes Michalek; Georgius Senkarik

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