Brezová pod Bradlom
1715 Hungarian Census

Below is a list of names of people who lived in the area of Brezová pod Bradlom in western Slovakia in 1715. I found the census and transcription at the Arcanum website. The online census is a joint project of the Hungary National Archives and the commercial site Arcanum. Peter Nagy has composed a very good tutorial on how to use the database.

Transcription of Names listed in 1715 Census

The transcription below was done by the Hungarian Archives. There are five census pages for Brezová. To see the original census page, click on the page number. An alphabetical listing of the names follows. I'd appreciate your help in correcting the transcription. Please email any comments or corrections to

Page 273: Thomas Kopeczky; Martinus Maczesska; Joannes Maczesska; Joannes Rectoris; Joannes Holota; Joannes Vallasik; Martinus Kopeczky; Sztropka; Georgius Miczni; Georgius Moravik; Joannes Kovacs; Nicolaus Sara; Daniel Kopas; Michael Kosztellni; Joannes Huravik; Stephanus Danko; Georgius Sevko; Thomas Szurkovics; Joannes Moczni; Martinus Prusinszki; Andreas Rajeczky; Georgius Szurkovics; Joannes Vellba; Joannes Szlincsik

Page 274: Martinus Danko; Thomas Vaczulik; Martinus Bednar; Martinus Vaczulik; Stephanus Thomasech; Thomas Zavodni; Joannes Szoduh; Martinus Kriho; Joannes Vasik; Joannes Stephanik; Stephanus Kosztela; Stephanus Noszko; Martinus Mihalecz; Leczuska; Michael Kriha; Joannes Moczni; Samuel; Georgius Batka; Joannes Kosztellni; Georgius Jancsi; Martinus Sevczeh; Joannes Thrancsik; Daniel Bottnicsek; Martinus Ripka; Mathias Marko; Martinus Moczni; Joannes Drahoss; Michael Fajnor; Joannes Fosska; Nicolaus Placzko

Page 275: Joannes Dobrovszky; Martinus Placsko; Georgius Placsko; Georgius Kadlecz; Georgius Rajcsak; Joannes Marin; Georgius Stephanik; Stephanus Janigha; Joannes Noszko; Martinus Kudlacsek; Joannes Tatar; Martinus Vavro; Martinus Moravicz; Joannes Placsko; Joannes Gasparecz; Joannes Bucsinecz; Martinus Polnosz; Joannes terpak; Joannes Koptula; Georgius Duris; Martinus Blanar; Michael Polnosz; Joannes Holossa; Stephanus Fosska; Nicolaus Barinyecz; Michael Sztanko; Petrus Polyak; Joannes Michalek; Georgius Senkarik

Page 276: Thomas Koza; Christophorus Zavoczky; Martinus Cserni; Joannes Sztrela; Georgius Futek; Nicolaus Skobik; Daniel Kacsniecz; Georgius Krabacs; Georgius Milo; Martinus Brincza; Michael Kraszin; Martinus Kiran; Thomas Severa; Georgius Kubicsek; Martinus Csabellka; Joannes Sleszik; Nicolaus Rumpel; Joannes Sztreda; Georgius Drahoss; Martinus Lukacs; Michael Jozeph; Joannes Visnyovszki; Thomas Lajdik; Joannes Zavoczky; Joannes Hlobik; Georgius Kaluscsak; Joannes Kubinyecz; Mathias Popek; Stephanus Szolosznicz

Page 277: Joannes Kisskulya; Paulus Barvir; Joannes Raffajko; Joannes Mihalyicz; Georgius Vaghala; Georgius Polyak; Georgius Verba; Georgius Holub; Georgius Krupicza; Joannes Zaza; Georgius Csabulka; Stephanus Balan; Huravka; Thomas Fajnor; Joannes Dancso; Thomas Silcsik; Georgius Szitrak; Georgius Utlan; Joannes Belan; Kovacska

Alphabetical listing of names, along with page numbers:

___ Samuel 274
Balan Stephanus 277
Barinyecz Nicolaus 275
Barvir Paulus 277
Batka Georgius 274
Bednar Martinus 274
Belan Joannes 277
Blanar Martinus 275
Bottnicsek Daniel 274
Brincza Martinus 276
Bucsinecz Joannes 275
Csabulka Georgius 277 , Csabellka Martinus 276
Cserni Martinus 276
Dancso Joannes 277
Danko Stephanus 273, Danko Martinus 274
Dobrovszky Joannes 275
Drahoss Georgius 276, Drahoss Joannes 274
Duris Georgius 275
Fajnor Michael 274, Fajnor Thomas 277
Fosska Joannes 274, Fosska Stephanus 275
Futek Georgius 276
Gasparecz Joannes 275
Hlobik Joannes 276
Holossa Joannes 275
Holota Joannes 273
Holub Georgius 277
Huravik Joannes 273
Huravka ___ 277
Jancsi Georgius 274
Janigha Stephanus 275
Jozeph Michael 276
Kacsniecz Daniel 276
Kadlecz Georgius 275
Kaluscsak Georgius 276
Kiran Martinus 276
Kisskulya Joannes 277
Kopas Daniel 273
Kopeczky Martinus 273, Kopeczky Thomas 273
Koptula Joannes 275
Kosztela Stephanus 274
Kosztellni Joannes 274, Kosztellni Michael 273
Kovacs Joannes 273
Kovacska ___ 277
Koza Thomas 276
Krabacs Georgius 276
Kraszin Michael 276
Kriha Michael 274
Kriho Martinus 274
Krupicza Georgius 277
Kubicsek Georgius 276
Kubinyecz Joannes 276
Kudlacsek Martinus 275
Lajdik Thomas 276
Leczuska ___ 274
Lukacs Martinus 276
Maczesska Joannes 273, Maczesska Martinus 273
Marin Joannes 275
Marko Mathias 274
Michalek Joannes 275
Miczni Georgius 273
Mihalecz Martinus 274
Mihalyicz Joannes 277
Milo Georgius 276
Moczni Joannes 273, Moczni Joannes 274, Moczni Martinus 274
Moravicz Martinus 275
Moravik Georgius 273
Noszko Joannes 275, Noszko Stephanus 274
Placsko Georgius 275, Placsko Joannes 275, Placsko Martinus 275, Placzko Nicolaus 274
Polnosz Martinus 275, Polnosz Michael 275
Polyak Georgius 277, Polyak Petrus 275
Popek Mathias 276
Prusinszki Martinus 273
Raffajko Joannes 277
Rajcsak Georgius 275
Rajeczky Andreas 273
Rectoris Joannes 273
Ripka Martinus 274
Rumpel Nicolaus 276
Sara Nicolaus 273
Senkarik Georgius 275
Sevczeh Martinus 274
Severa Thomas 276
Sevko Georgius 273
Silcsik Thomas 277
Skobik Nicolaus 276
Sleszik Joannes 276
Stephanik Georgius 275, Stephanik Joannes 274
Szitrak Georgius 277
Szlincsik Joannes 273
Szoduh Joannes 274
Szolosznicz Stephanus 276
Sztanko Michael 275
Sztreda Joannes 276
Sztrela Joannes 276
Sztropka ___ 273
Szurkovics Georgius 273, Szurkovics Thomas 273
Tatar Joannes 275
Terpak Joannes 275
Thomasech Stephanus 274
Thrancsik Joannes 274
Utlan Georgius 277
Vaczulik Martinus 274, Vaczulik Thomas 274
Vaghala Georgius 277
Vallasik Joannes 273
Vasik Joannes 274
Vavro Martinus 275
Vellba Joannes 273
Verba Georgius 277
Visnyovszki Joannes 276
Zavoczky Christophorus 276, Zavoczky Joannes 276
Zavodni Thomas 274
Zaza Joannes 277

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