Domain C: Analyzing Student Learning & Inquiring into Teaching

C1: Monitoring and adjusting instruction
The teacher monitors and adjusts instructional and assessment strategies during teaching.
  • Math ENSP Reflection
    Working with my student on this project has taught me a lot about how students can be helped to develop their number sense.  After the pre-assessment, I saw that my student could use support with the "one more/one less" concept....
  • Struggling Writers
    From early on in the school year, I was able to see which ones of my students really struggled with the writing portion of some activities.  The following reflections demonstrate how 1. I recognize the need to change my instruction...
C2: Analyzing assessment data
The teacher systematically analyzes assessment data to characterize performance of whole class and relevant sub-groups of students.
  • Pocket Day Lesson & Assessment
    After conducting my Pocket Day math lesson on grouping, I wrote an analysis paper on the lesson itself and on student understanding based on assessment.  I was able to gather the data from the pre and post assessments to develop...
  • Science Teaching Analysis: Evaluate
    After teaching the science lessons on magnets, I got a chance to go back and use StudioCode to "tag" various parts of my teaching.  I created an "Evaluate video" focusing on a couple of parts during my teaching that I...
  • Survey Results
    Throughout the inquiry process, I collected data from my students to see how they felt about their actions and feelings regarding friendships and friendship issues.  After conducting the surveys, I analyzed the data and came up with the results of...
C3: Using data to evaluate teaching
The teacher uses data from his/her own classroom teaching to evaluate his/her own strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Science Teaching Analysis
    After conducting my three magnet science lessons with my 1st and 2nd graders, I had to opportunity to analyze my teaching videos in order to find my teaching strengths and areas for improvement.  I used studio code to create stand...
  • Stranger in the Woods
    I wrote this lesson based on the story "A Stranger in the Woods".  Stranger in the Woods.pdf  After my students did the lesson, I went back to analyze my teaching and reflect on how the lesson went.  Here is an...

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