Domain B: Teaching

B1: Engaging learners
The teacher actively and effectively engages all learners.
  • GWF S.S. Teaching
    This experience was very interesting because for the past several years I have been working with students in K - 2.  It was great to work with 5th graders because it is definitely different and it gave me a different...
  • MESS Project
    In order to create dynamic social studies activities for my students, I created an interactive bulletin board about Martin Luther King Jr.   This interactive bulletin board can be used in various ways.  It can be used as a  student led...
  • Engaging in science
    This short video clip is an example of the different ways that I engaged my students during my 3 science lessons.Engage, [3].mov Justification:B1 - This video clip demonstrates how I actively and effectively engage my students during our science lessons. ...
  • We are Mathematicians!
    We are mathematicians! Powerful mathematicians! Working together we solve problems.  Patterns, connections, we build on what we know! We see math makes sense - YEAH! We are mathematicians! Powerful mathematicians! 1 - 2 - 3 - 4!  Every day before...
B2: Monitoring and assessing student learning
The teacher assesses student learning in multiple ways in order to monitor student learning, assist students in understanding their progress, and report student progress.
  • GWF Science Teaching
    What did students learn at your station?  How do you know (what's your evidence).Last week I facilitated the Greenwood Furnace field trip for 5th graders.  One other intern and I were in charge of the Macro invertebrate station while we...
  • Guided Reading Notes
    As I lead guided reading, I like to take notes about the sections that students read and notes on their fluency and comprehension.  This helps me keep track of who needs to read for me during the next session and...
B3: Managing classroom procedures
The teacher appropriately manages classroom procedures.
  • Grade Level Comparison
    In this paper, I was able to compare morning routines across various grade levels.  It was a great experience to see how different teachers handle morning routines and their expectations for their students during this time.  I was able to...
  • Managing Dismissal Routine
    Manage Dismissal Routine    I began helping with dismissal routine from the beginning of the year, and on my own when my teacher was unable to do it either because she had to leave or when there have been subs.  This...
  • Star Chart
    The other classroom teachers and I noticed that the students in our class were having a hard time walking in the hall.  Our transitions to and back from lunch and specials were too noisy and unorganized.  The students were running...
B4: Managing learning and behavior
The teacher appropriately manages student learning and behavior.
  • Case Study
    I was given the opportunity to observe a student for several weeks who appeared to need additional behavioral and social support while in the classroom.  After compiling my observations, my mentor and I came up with multiple interventions to help...
  • Student Behavior Chart
    In our classroom, we found that a couple of students were struggling with managing their own behavior throughout the day.  We tried a couple of different plans until we found a plan that began working very well for one student. ...
B5: Communicating effectively
The teacher communicates effectively using verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques while teaching.
  • Non-verbal Cues
    For this week's task, I focused on using non-verbal cues as my mentor taught the class.  It was a great experience to be able to reflect on my use of non-verbal cues as a classroom management technique and form of...
  • PSA Discussion
    I created a public service announcement for my class after realizing that there were many friendship issues arising.  I used the PSA to teach my students about being kind to one another, being understanding, and standing up for one another. ...

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