Morning Meeting

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Full Morning Meeting lesson:
Morning Meeting.pdf

A4 - This lesson plan shows how I developed and selected appropriate instructional goals and objectives.  Morning Meetings is something that the whole class engages in every morning.  Because of this, I wrote objectives for our meetings and selected the standards so that we can work towards specific goals and stay focused during Morning Meeting.

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Program Outcomes

TEPF Portfolio
The Portfolio uses evidence to showcase the overall capabilities and development of the teacher.
Domain A: Planning And Preparing For Student Learning
The Penn State teacher plans instruction and assessments based upon robust knowledge of subject matter, students and their learning and development, curriculum goals and standards, and the community.
Domain B: Teaching
The Penn State teacher actively encourages students' development and learning by creating a positive classroom learning environment, appropriately using a variety of instructional and assessment strategies and resources, including instructional technologies.
Domain C: Analyzing Student Learning & Inquiring into Teaching
The Penn State teacher continually and systematically inquires into the quality of their teaching and the conditions of schooling in order to enhance student learning and development.
Domain D: Fulfilling Professional Responsibilities
The Penn State teacher exhibits the highest standards of professionalism in all that he/she does.