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How did the podcast assignment help you develop as a science teacher?

Completing this background research for Greenwood Furnace really helped me see how important it is for teachers to be well informed about a subject before teaching it to students.  As my group and I talked about our topic and what things we should cover, we kept coming up with more and more wonderings, which made me think that if we were curious and wanted to know more, our students probably would too.  Because of this, I think it is very important for teachers to have a thorough understanding of the topic they will be teaching so that they can have the knowledge to answer the students' questions.  At the same time, I know that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to know everything there is to know about a topic, but by doing some background research to prepare for a lesson, the teacher can at least have some resources to share if she/he does not know the exact answer.

While I have never made a real podcast before this assignment, I think I will definitely be using it in the future, especially as an entertaining and engaging way to introduce students to new topics of learning.  Although we didn't allow time in our podcast for discussions, I think that would be something beneficial to do with future podcasts.  It really is a fun and different way to get students thinking about what we're going to start learning about.  Also, I think it is a great way for students to present projects themselves.  The possibilities for podcasting is really endless, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to test it out myself.

Here is my group's podcast for Water Quality Issues in PA (1-99):

A1 - This podcast background research demonstrates an understanding of subject matter and subject-specific pedagogy during planning.  My group and I got together to do background research before creating the podcast.  Having completed this research helped us feel "one step ahead" of the students and confident that we had gathered enough information and resources to answer questions as necessary.

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Nice entry(:

In your blog you stated that you would use a podcast in the future to engage student's in the subject/topic that you would teach. I know that you are in a primary classroom, do you think that you would have your students create a podcast or is that too technologically advanced for your age group? I do agree that I would use a podcast in my classroom in the future to engage students. Through my experience this semester, my fifth graders become excited when my mentor or myself has used technology as part of our lesson.

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