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MHD Simulations

It is all about nice colors...

Theta 1 Orion C

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Theta 1 Ori C is an O-star. It shows evidence of hard X-ray. We show that its X-ray emission both the hardness and overall emission measure can be explained by magnetically confined wind shock model. Our numerical MHD models quite nicely reproduces observed X-ray diagnostics.  Please, refer to Gagne et al. (2005) paper.

Model here contains full radiative cooling with full energy equation.

Theta 1 Ori C, X-ray study

Theta 1 Ori C is O5.5 main sequence (class V) star.

We employ line-width and centroid analyses to study the dynamics of the X-ray emitting plasma in the circumstellar environment, as well as line-ratio diagnostics to constrain the spatial location, and global spectral modeling to constrain the temperature distribution and abundances of the very hot plasma. We investigate these diagnostics as a function of viewing angle and analyze them in conjunction with new MHD simulations of the magnetically channeled wind shock mechanism on ยต1 Ori C. This model fits all the data surprisingly well, predicting the temperature, luminosity, and occultation of the X-ray emitting plasma with rotation phase.


Simulation Movies

Animations below show logarithm of density and temperature of a model that was run for a long period, ca. 1500 ksec:

  • density
  • Temperature
  • For models that include rotation, click isothermal with field aligned models.

    Feel free to use any of these movies in any of your academic works with a proper acknowledgement.

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