Current Position

    Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Physics (tenure-track) at Penn State Worhthington Scranton campus located in Dunmore, North East Pennsylvania. I teach both physics and astronomy courses. My primary research is in astrophysics, massive stars in particular. Any interested student may contact me to pursue a research project.

Current Research

I have created a separate webpage that discusses my current research.

Current Teaching

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PhD Research

I was a graduate student at the Department of Physics and Astronomy (DPA) of the University of Delaware. I completed my PhD (Fall 2002) under the advisement of   Prof. Stan Owocki, a faculty member at Bartol Research Institute  which holds joint PhD program with DPA. The subject of my thesis was the effect of rotation and magnetic fields on the winds of hot stars, stars of type so called O and B.

PhD Thesis

You can downolad a complete pdf version of my thesis (ca 25 MB) which can be used as an introduction to line-driven hot-star winds. If you are making a hard copy, you might have difficulties printing some of the large color-scale figures, in which case print them separately. For those with slow links, I put a copy of the thesis without figures (0.5 MB).

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You can download my CV in pdf version.

Selected Publications/Preprints:

* Naze, Y., ud-Doula, A., Spano, M., Rauw, G., De Becker, M. and Walborn, N. R, "New findings on the prototypical Of?p stars", A&A, 2010, in press .

* Townsend, R. H. D., Oksala, M. E., Cohen, D. H., Owocki, S. P. and ud-Doula, A., "Discovery of Rotational Braking in the Magnetic Helium-strong Star Sigma Orionis E", Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2010.

* Naze, Y, Rauw, G. and ud-Doula, A, "Hot and cool: two emission-line stars with contrasting behaviours in the same XMM-Newton field ", A&A, 2010.

* ud-Doula, A., Owocki, S. and Townsend, R.H.D, "Dynamical Simulations of Magnetically Channeled Line-Driven Stellar Winds: III. Angular Momentum Loss and Stellar Spindown'', Monthly Notices of RAS, 2009.

* ud-Doula, A., Owocki, S. and Townsend, R.H.D, "Dynamical Simulations of Magnetically Channeled Line-Driven Stellar Winds: II.The Effects of Field-Aligned Rotation'', Monthly Notices of RAS, 2008, 385, 97.

* Townsend, R.H.D, Owocki, S. and ud-Doula, A., "A Rigid-Field Hydrodynamics approach to modeling the magnetospheres of massive stars", Monthly Notices of RAS, 2007, Vol 382.

*Owocki, S., Townsend, R., ud-Doula, A., 2007, "Modeling the magnetospheres of luminous stars: Interactions between supersonic radiation-driven winds and stellar magnetic fields" , Physics of Plasmas, 14, 2007.

* ud-Doula, A., Townsend, R. and Owocki, S., 2006, "Centrifugal Breakout of Magnetically Confined Line-Driven Stellar Winds" , ApJL, April 1, 2006.

* John C. Hayes, Michael L. Norman, James O. Bordner, Pak Shing Li, Robert A. Fiedler, Stephen E. Clark, Asif ud-Doula, and Mordecai-Mark MacLow, "Simulating Radiating and Magnetized Flows in Multi-Dimensions with ZEUS-MP" , ApJS, 165, 2006.

* ApJ paper (Aug 2005), with Gagne et al. : "Chandra HETGS Multi-Phase Spectroscopy of the Young Magnetic O Star Theta 1 Orionis C".

* ApJ Jan 2004 paper: "The Effect of Magnetic Field Tilt and Divergence on the Mass Flux and Flow Speed in a Line-Driven Stellar Wind".

* International Conference on Magnetic Fields in O, B and A Stars, Mmabatho, South Africa (2002): "The Effects of Magnetic Fields on  Line-Driven Hot-Star Winds".

* International Conference on Magnetic Fields in O, B and A Stars, Mmabatho, South Africa (2002): "Magnetic Spin-Up of Line-Driven Stellar Winds".

* IAU Symposium No. 215, Stellar Rotation, Cancun, Mexico (2002): "The Effects of Field-Aligned Rotation on  Magnetically Channeled Line-Driven Winds".

* ApJ paper (September 1, 2002):  "Dynamical Simulations of Magnetically Channeled Line-Driven
Stellar Winds: I. Isothermal, Nonrotating, Radially Driven Flow"

* Poster presented in AAS meeting in Washigton D.C., Jan 2002: powerpoint file

*  Paper presented at X-rays at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science Symposium (2002) with Marc Gagne

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