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Story published in SportsField Management Magazine

Every so often, Sports Illustrated comes out with its "Where Will They Be?" issue, which profiles rising young stars who the magazine predicts are destined for big things. We'd like to expand on that premise to profile someone who, while not a competitive athlete, seems just as likely to make his mark in the world of sports. Meet Thomas Goyne. Goyne has just begun his freshman year of college, but he's already pushed himself to gain a wealth of experience that he hopes will pay off in a career in sports field management.

Goyne, from Mountain Top, Pa., was just a child when he first developed his love of sports field maintenance. "All through Little League, my dad helped prep the field before the games for us. It got to the point where I would go out at night and help work on the field with him," Goyne recalls. "He was really good at it and it just always seemed like we did a nice job." Whenever he saw or played on a baseball field, Goyne's thoughts turned to how he might be able to perfect it.

Getting his feet wet

When he was 13 and in eighth grade, Goyne's parents placed a bid in a Philadelphia Phillies charity auction for a chance to be groundskeeper for a day. "My entire family chipped in on it, and I got an opportunity to be a groundskeeper for a day with the Phillies grounds crew and their head groundskeeper, Mike Boekholder," he explains. continued...


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