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Every season for the past few, Head Groundskeeper Tony Leonard, PSU turf science alum '98 has been managing Bermudagrass throughout the growing season until somtime late in the fall. Each year the field then transitions to Kentucky Bluegrass through sod.

The field will be transitioned back to Bermudagrass next spring. Initially, the field was constructed using DDGrassmaster a fiber reinforced sand rootzone in order to limit divoting and improve playability. The field played great but by the end of the year was not aesthetically pleasing.

The fibers made it difficult to resod. The decision to resod on a consistent basis resulted in the removal of the surface fibers in order to make this transition through sod more effective.

Hat's off to Tony for his creative thinking leading to both a playable and aesthetic playing surface. A video of the resodding process can be viewed here:


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