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DSC01431.JPGThe Penn State University Turfgrass Project and the PTC hosted another popular turfgrass conference in Wilkes Barre, PA this January. As usual it snowed the day of the event but it was light where we were. The snow did cause some issues for those in the Lehigh Valley traveling north to the show.  The attendance topped 230 and vendor support was strong for the event yet again with 32 companies exhibiting.
It was nice to see so many Pocono Turfgrass Association members in attendance for the event.  Penn State and the PTC works to bring quality education to this portion of the state. The golf session had a great staffing of speakers including Dr. John Kaminski, Dr. Andy McNitt, Dr. Peter Landschoot, and Mr. Darrin Bevard of the USGA. In the afternoon, more PSU alumni helped to fill the day with pertinent information to help make the growing season a little easier.  These speakers included: Dr. Gary Moorman, Dr. Mike Fidanza, Mr. Tom Serentis of PSU, Ms. Nancy Bosold of the Extension service,  and Mr. Ron Edwards and Mr. Chris Santore of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
I think a big thanks should go out to all those involved in holding this event. Thanks for all the vendors and attendees support over the years! See you next year!!!


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