Platypus Defense

Awesome Platypus Studios

How to play

Defend your nest from invading predators! Build towers along the river to stop animals from stealing your eggs.
Collect dropped eggs with your hero to send them back to the nest. If all eggs are carried away, you lose!


Click on bushes to build towers

Click on towers to upgrade or sell towers

W, A, S, D - Move hero

Click on ability buttons to use hero abilities (or press 1 (Cleave), 2,(Jump) or 3(Dash))

P - Pause the game

Tower Types

Melee - High damage, short range, attacks ground enemies, slow

Ranged - Low damage, long range, attacks all enemies, fast

AoE - Medium damage, medium range, attacks multiple ground enemies in range, final upgrade applies poison

Air - Medium damage, long range, attacks air enemies, final upgrade attacks 2 air enemies at once


Awesome Platypus Studios

Jonathan Benkovic
Russ Hogan
Andrew Krepps
Justin Pachter
Kevin Stewart