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Here are some links to articles you can read:

1.      A chapter from Resisting Linguistic Imperialism in English Language Teaching

2.      On hidden sites of learning in the classroom

3.      On non-native professionals in ELT

4.      On language planning in postcolonial communities

5.      A state of the art on lingua franca English

6.      On accommodating diverse varieties of English in academic writing

7.   On Testing and English

8. On Language Acquisition and World Englishes

Comments on A Geopolitics of Academic Writing

“A groundbreaking examination of the complex interaction between the center and the    periphery in academic discourse. . . . Will stand as a landmark for decades to come.”—Lester Faigley, University of Texas

“Canagarajah deepens and sharpens our understanding of the luxury of ordinary research, writing, and publishing practices even as he guides us through a thicket of extraordinary postcolonial barriers to the democratization of academic scholarship and publication.”—Linda Brodkey, University of California, San Diego

“Even those who like me are wary of the center-periphery distinction will find this a challenging work. It is jargon free and clearly written and the author is refreshingly straightforward in his criticism of accepted wisdom.”—Gananath Obeyesekere, Princeton University

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