Questions, Questions, Questions for Journal Editors!

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TESOL holds an event on publishing for conference attendees in the annual convention. In the upcoming convention in New York City during the first week of April, editors from diverse journals in applied linguistics and English language teaching will answer questions related to their journal in specific or on publishing in general. The following are the journals that will be represented in the session titled “How to Get Published in an Applied Linguistics Serial” at the
Hilton Beekman Parlor, on 4/3/2008 2:00:00 PM to 4:45:00 PM:
Gong, Gwendolyn [Asian Journal of English Language Teaching]
Hubbard, Phil [Computer Assisted Language Learning and CALICO Journal]
Belcher, Diane [English for Specific Purposes]
Whitecross, Cristina [ELT Journal and Applied Linguistics Journal]
Koller, Max [English Teaching Forum]
Cornwell, Steve [JALT Journal]
Pierson, Herbert [Journal of Asian Pacific Communication]
Purpura, Jim [Language Assessment Quarterly]
Andrade, Maureen [TESL Reporter]
Menken, Kate [Language Policy]
Wurr, Adrian J. [The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal]
Biesenbach-Lucas, Sigrun [Language Learning & Technology]
Ariza, Eileen [Essential Teacher]
Jeon, Jihyeon [Journal of Asia TEFL]
Representative [International Journal of Applied Linguistics]
Smoke, Trudy [Journal of Basic Writing]
Sivell, John [Canada TEFL]

In the past, we have provided brief comments on the following questions:
1. How authors choose a journal for their submission:
2. On multiple submissions of the same article to different journals
3. How authors should write a cover letter
4. How authors should prepare papers for submission
5. How editors assign papers to referees
6. How referees evaluate articles
7. How editors make publication decisions
8. How authors should interpret the feedback of the referees and editorial decisions
9. How authors should prepare the resubmission cover letter and response
10. The types of collaboration that are permitted in an individually authored article
11. How/when should authors obtain copyright permissions
12. How a paper presented in a conference or on the Internet might affect submission to a journal
13. How authors should engage in proofreading/copyediting
14. Behind the scenes in the editorial office: questions about liaison, deadlines, inquiries from authors etc.

However, many of the participants have commented that they would like a more interactive session where they can ask more focused questions from the editors. I am now collecting the type of questions to be answered by the editors. If someone likes to send some questions to be answered in this session, please send them here and also mention the journal editor whom you would like to answer it for you. Indicate also if you would like the question to be anonymous or if you would like me to mention your name as I read out the question. Thanks!

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