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Hub Pavilion


Project Description:

Design and model a student pavilion to be place on Penn State’s HUB lawn.

Project Criteria:

  1. The Pavilion shall be a permanent structure of enduring value and have a suitable presence on the main campus.
  2. This “student” pavilion shall not exceed 2000 sq. ft. and should allow for the gathering of up to 100 individuals
  3. It shall be able to have informal usage, student group meetings, and formal receptions and potentially as an optional outdoor venue staging platform. It shall be an open flexible use space in its structure.
  4. It shall have multi-season usage capability; with appropriate summer shading, natural cooling aspects, and will have winter cold weather adaptations, such as a fireplace hearth, and other possible passive systems for warmth and comfort.
  5. It shall have well integrated lighting for late afternoon & nighttime usage as well as good ambient lighting capabilities for daytime usage with natural day-lighting.
  6. It shall not have any water service or plumbing installations for restrooms. Pavilion users can find restrooms in nearby campus buildings. However, the pavilion shall have electrical service that is weather durable and has secured outlets for being a venue.
  7. Height limit may not exceed 30’ from mean ground elevation to the high point of the roof.  
  8. Mature trees on site shall remain and they should be undamaged by construction of the structure and its use.


Site: HUB Lawn

Site Inspiration: Uris Library , Cornell University
Cornell University's Uris Library provided inspiration for this pavilion's orientation on the HUB Lawn. The Uris Library is a low profile building that is embeded into the hill. The HUB Lawn's current topography provides the conditions needed to embed the pavilion into the earth.
The HUB Lawn is a landmark space on Penn State's Campus. Many students enjoy laying out or eating lunch on the lawn. In order to presereve the lawn, this pavilion is designed to be nonintrusive. In addition to maintaining the surrounding environment and student activity, the pavilion's embedment in the side of the hill also provides passive heating. The earth-packed walls have a great thermal mass and insulation value, which will keep the pavilion heated during the winter.


The open area on the top of the pavilion allows students to walk on the roof or sit on the surrounding benches.



This Pavlion's main pupose is to provide a casual, functional space for students that can be converted into a formal meeting or lecture space. The design radiates out from the curved risers. These risers are wide enough for students to lounge or do work. In the event of a meeting or lecture, the risers allow seeting for a large number of students. The upper level houses bar seeting and comfortable chairs- another space for students to do work. The alma mater is written on the upper level's rear wall to encompase Penn State's spirit. Located near the HUB, Penn State's Center of Student Activity, this pavilion will always be open to students and their organizations.

Interior Panorama



Unique Features:

Retractable Windows

Retractable windows on the south facade can be opened during the spring and summer months.

Fiber Optics Inspiration: UK Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2002
The UK's Shanghai Expo Pavilion, designed in 2002, had a unique structure comprised of a wood and steel diphram pierced by fiber optic cables. The fiber optic cables gave the pavilion dynamic movement and light from the outside. Similarly, the HUB pavilion will utilize the same concept to generate a "stary night" ceiling on the interior. The fiber optic centerpice on the roof acts as a vibrant piece of art. Thus, both inside and outside dwellers can appreciate the fiber optics' presence. The UK's Pavilion was also refered as the "Seed Cathedreal" because each fiber optic cable had a different type of seed embeded in it. Likewise, the HUB Pavilion's fiberoptic cables will each contain the symbol of a different club on campus, as the HUB is the Center of Student Activity.