It's official

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I am officially done at Penn State Beaver. Yesterday was my last day, I'm done with finals and everything! It's kind of sad to say good bye to all of my friends but with everything that has happened this past year I didn't have to say that to too many people. Turns out a ton of them are going to University Park next fall too! So our time together hasn't really even begun. I have 106 days until I move into my town home in State College and the excitement is killing me. 106 days!!!! Ahhh I can't wait! I get to truly start my Penn State journey in Happy Valley.

Own Taste

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Today I was asked if I really liked Nickelback. I cannot get past the fact that someone asked me that. Seriously. They are no worse than Madonna (at her current age), The Backstreet Boys (when they tried to come back), or the girl who sings that ridiculous song about it being Friday. Everyone has their own taste in music... in college you will find people who have the same taste, slightly different, and extremely weird. But the one thing I've learned through my musical journey is don't judge someone's music. You might just like it too.

This is it!

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This is all I have left. One more class, and it's Lion Ambassadors. All I need to do is present this blog explain why and all that jazz and I'm done. However, this might be a little hard to do. I went to the Nickelback concert last night! IT WAS AMAZING!!! By far the best concert I've ever been too. As you con imagine I don't really have a voice. I sounds ridiculously horrible, so presenting this today should be entertaining too. I don't really know what to say. All I can think about is the fantastic time I had last night. I definitely needed a night out, and don't worry there is always something to do this close to Pittsburgh and Robinson. You might have to put in a little effort and look but it's there, I promise!

photo.JPG photo (1).JPG
The blurry picture on the left is Nickelback. Sorry about that guys, my phone was at 10% battery at this point. The flames on the right are from one of their songs but I can't remember which one.


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It's the first day of Beaverfest today too! All week we have fun things to do such as bonfire, airbrush tattoos, and a concert. Today's major attraction is Caricatures. For those of you who might not know what Caricatures are, it is a form of art that distorts the object(s) being drawn but keeping it simple enough that you can still identify the subject. I remember there being Caricature artists all over six flags when I was younger, but I haven't been there in a while.

So far I've only gotten one Caricature done but I hope to be able to get at least one or two more with a couple of friends that are either graduating or transferring out of Penn State. Especially since I will miss them. This Caricature below is of Amanda Palombo and myself. Remember her from a couple posts ago? She is the one kinda sorta skipping with me and the lion.


Last Week

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Today officially starts the last week of classes. Then we have finals of course but that week doesn't really count; at least not in my head. I am so ready to be done and move up to State College. I have a countdown and everything. And in case you were wondering I'm down to 116 days now!!

Of course I will miss everyone here. I met a ton of great people here at Beaver. Everyone is ready to move on at different times right? I've been ready for a while.


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All I do is tell you about this mysterious Lion Ambassadors class. I recently received a couple of pictures from a recent event we had on campus and wanted to share. This is just a little taste of the things we do for Penn State Beaver, and Penn State as a whole.

Sometimes some of the events have food =) and lets be honest we all love free food. This one included deserts and that's where my friends Amanda Palombo, The Lion, and myself are kinda sorta skipping to. 20120316advisoryboard-8762.jpg

I honestly don't remember this guys name, I do remember he had a name on his shirt that I was convinced wasn't his name. Anyway this is just an example of what we do. Here I was explaining what Penn State means to me. Which also tied into a project done in class from last year and with a few of my friends. 20120316advisoryboard-8754.jpg

I'm not good at this

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Like I said this is a blog for my Lion Ambassador class. I thought blogging would be a piece of cake. Its a lot harder than I thought. I forgot about it, and then there is this pressure about what do I share with all of you? We have about two weeks of classes left and then finals. Looking back on my time at Penn State Beaver I think my favorite time or most fun was all U day. All U Day is one home game up at Penn State University Park where all the campuses are invited to attend. I was lucky enough to get a spot since I waited till last minute to buy my ticket. I love Penn State. And regardless of where you start, if its University Park or right here at Beaver like I did, we are all Penn State. knd 013.JPG

How I got here

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Earlier I said that I was a Lion Ambassador and this blog was a class assignment for it. Part of that class is giving tours of the campus for mostly incoming freshman for the Admissions office. One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is why I chose Penn State. I can honestly say I choose Penn State because I wanted to make something of myself. The university was far away from home so I at the time I thought I wouldn't have family issues to deal with while attending, and I wanted to be a Nittany Lion for the rest of my life. By my Sophomore year of high school I had already decided what my major was, but it wasn't until I saw a senior at time named Monica who got information from Penn State that I even considered them or knew they existed. We had this week of school for Seniors called Survivor, I'm sure you can pretty much guess what it was about and how it work. But they stayed in school all week, slept there etc. Monica was one of the last ones in the game and I remember asking her all these questions about Penn State and finally she just handed over her big packet full of information and let me have it for the day. From that point on I knew that I was coming to Penn State. It doesn't matter if you start at a branch campus. I didn't want to, I wanted to go right to University Park, but I couldn't afford it at the time. Honestly it was the best decision I've made a while. I have a great connection at Beaver with the faculty, and several friends who I would have missed out on if I would have skipped over Beaver Campus.

New Doors.. or windows?

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This semester I have an arts class that's main focus is Vampires. We don't study Twilight, I promise. We study how the vampire began and how it has evolved over time. Also how it helps portray what is happening during that time period. Since this is a film based class we had to learn film terminology, and what certain things mean like camera angles and positioning. Before this class I would have never in a million years thought I would have loved breaking down a movie so much. I'm in my twenties, I've probably been the to movies hundreds of times and never noticed all these little things before. By breaking down movies I mean for instance watching the frame for what it is focusing on, or determining the purpose of the music in a certain scene. Without taking this class I would have missed an opportunity to learn how to do something that I really love. Never be afraid to try something new. Sure it might not work out, but at least you got a taste of it. And who knows, you could find your true passion, or at least a new hobby.

The Best Thing

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The best thing about Beaver Campus is you always have someone to go to. When things get tough or you don't know how to if something, there is someone there to help. Regardless if this person turns out to be a friend, professor, advisor, staff member. We are like a family. We are.. Penn State; and we look out for each other.

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