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Published/Accepted papers

  1. Approximate Solutions to Second Order Parabolic Equations: Approximate solutions to second-order parabolic equations: evolution systems and discretization, with W. Cheng, V. Nistor. IMA Preprint 2372 (earlier version). DCDS-S 15 (2022), 12:3571-3602.
  2. Dislocations in a layered medium with applications to fault detection, with A. Aspri, E. Beretta. Preprint arXiv:2004.00321. To appear in Journal of the European Mathematical Society.
  3. Growth of Sobolev norms and loss of regularity in transport equations, with G. Crippa, T. elgindi, and G. Iyer. Preprint arxiv:2109.14975. Phylosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (2022), 380:20210024.
  4. Transmission Problems for Parabolic Operators on Polygonal Domains and Applications to the Finite Element Method, with Y. Zhang. La Matematica 1 (2022), 225-262.
  5. Remarks on anomalous dissipation for passive scalars, Phylosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A (2022), 380:20210099.
  6. Global existence for the two-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation with a shear flow, with M. Coti-Zelati, M. Dolce, and Y. Feng. Preprint arXiv:2103.02971. Journal of Evolution Equations 21 (2021), 5079-5099.
  7. Global solutions of the two-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation with a linearly growing mode in each direction, with D. Ambrose. Preprint arXiv:2102.05093. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 31 (2021), article 96.
  8. Global existence for the two-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation with advection, with Y. Feng. Preprint arXiv:2009.04029. Communications in Partial Differential Equations 47 (2021), n. 2, 1-28.
  9. Detection of dislocations in a 2D anisotropic elastic medium, with A. Aspri, E. Beretta, M. V. de Hoop. Rendiconti di Matematica e delle Sue Applicazioni 42 (2021), n. 7, 183-195.
  10. Analysis of a model of elastic dislocations in geophysics, A. Aspri, E. Beretta, and M. V. de Hoop. Preprint arXiv:1809.08313. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 236 (2020), n.1, 71-111.
  11. Embeddings for the space LDpγ on sets of finite perimeter, with N. Chemetov. Preprint arXiv:1808.00611. Proceedings A of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 150 (2020), n. 5, 2442-2461.
  12. The vanishing viscosity limit for some symmetric flows, with G.-M. Gie, J. Kelliker, M. Lopes, J. Nussenzveig Lopes. Annales de l' Institut Henri Poincaré, 36 (2019), n. 5, 1237-1280.
  13. Global existence and analyticity for the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation, with D. Ambrose. Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 31 (2019), n. 3, 1525-1547.
  14. Loss of regularity for the continuity equation with non-Lipschitz velocity field, with G. Alberti and G. Crippa. Annals of PDE 5 (2019), n. 1, 5:9.
  15. Exponential self-similar mixing by incompressible flows, with G. Alberti, G. Crippa. Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 32 (2019), n. 2, 445-490.
  16. Heat Kernels, Solvable Lie Groups, and the Mean Reverting SABR Stochastic Volatility Model, with S. Zhang, V. Nistor. North-Western European Mathematical journal, 4 (2018), 119-155.
  17. Boundary layers for the Navier-Stokes equations linearized around a stationary Euler flow , with G.-M. Gie and J. P. Kelliher. Journal of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, 20 (2018), n. 4, 1405-1426.
  18. The Inviscid Limit and Boundary Layers for Navier-Stokes flows, with Y. Maekawa. Handbook of Mathematical Analysis in Mechanics of Viscous Fluids, edited by Antonin Novotny and Yoshikazu Giga, Springer 2017, pp. 1-48.
  19. Regularity and a priori error analysis of a Ventcel problem in polyhedral domains, with S. Nicaise and H. Li. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 40 (2017), n. 5, 1625--1636. ArXiv Preprint 1606.04423v1.
  20. The vanishing viscosity limit in the presence of a porous medium, with C. Lacave. Mathematische Annalen, 365 (2016) n. 3, 1527 -- 1557.
  21. Planar limits of three-dimensional incompressible viscous flows with helical symmetry, with M. Lopes, D. Niu, J. Nussenzveig Lopes, and E. Titi. Journal of Dynamics and Difference Equations 26 (2014), n. 4, 843-869.
  22. Exponential self-similar mixing and loss of regularity for continuity equations, with G. alberti, G. Crippa. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I , 352 (2014), 901-906.
  23. Quasi-optimal rates of convergence for the Generalized Finite Element Method in polygonal domains, with V. Nistor, Q. Qu. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 263 (2014), 466-477.
  24. Sharp trace regularity for an anisotropic elasticity system, with I. Kukavica and A. Tuffaha. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 141 (2013), 2673-2682.
  25. A non-conforming Generalized Finite Element Method for transmission problems, with V. Nistor, Q. Qu. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 51 (2013), n. 1, 555-576. IMA preprint n. 2352.
  26. Optimal mixing and optimal stirring for fixed energy, fixed power or fixed palenstrophy flows. , with C. Doering, E. Lunasin, Z. Lin, and A. Novikov. Journal of Mathematical Physics 53, 115611, 15 pp. (2012).
  27. A proof of Einstein's effective viscosity for a dilute suspension of spheres, with B. Haines. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 44 (2012), n. 3, 2120-2145.
  28. Ensemble Dynamics and bred vectors, with N. Balci, G. Sell, and J. Restrepo. Monthly Weather Review 140 (2012), no. 7, 2308-2334.
  29. Boundary Layer for a Class of Nonlinear Pipe Flow, with D. Han, D. Niu, and X. Wang. Journal of Differential Equations 252 (2012), 6387-6413.
  30. Small-volume asymptotics for anisotropic elastic inclusions , with E. Beretta, E. Bonnetier, and E. Francini. ArXiv preprint 1105.4111v1. Inverse Problems and Imaging 6 (2012), no. 1, 1-23.
  31. Boundary layer associated to a class of 3D nonlinear plane parallel channel flows, with X. Wang and D. Niu. Indiana University Mathematics Journal 60 (2011), no. 4, 1113-1136..
  32. Closed-form asymptotics and numerical approximations of 1D parabolic equations with applications to option pricing with W. Cheng, N. Costanzino, J. Liechty, and V. Nistor. SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics 2 (2011), pp. 901-934.
  33. Vanishing Viscosity Limits for a Class of Circular Pipe Flows , with M. Taylor. Communications in Partial Differential Equations 36 (2011), n. 2,328 - 361.
  34. Approximate Solutions to Second-order Parabolic Equations I: Analytic Estimates with R. Costantinescu, N. Costanzino, and V. Nistor. Journal of Mathematical Physics 51 103502 (2010).
  35. Interface and mixed boundary value problems on n-dimensional polyhedral domains with C. Bacuta, V. Nistor, L.T. Zikatanov. Documenta Mathematica 15 (2010), 687-745.
  36. Analysis of the Finite Element Method for transmission/mixed boundary value problems on general polygonal domains, with H. Li, V. Nistor. Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis, 37 (2010), 41-69. (Associated software package available here .)
  37. Well-posedness and regularity for the elasticity equation with mixed boundary conditions on polyhedral domains and domains with cracks, with V. Nistor. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 195 (2010) n. 1, 25-73.
  38. Vanishing viscosity plane parallel channel flow and related singular perturbation problems, with M. E. Taylor. Analysis and PDE 1 (2008), no 1, 35--93 .
  39. Vanishing viscosity limits and boundary layers for circularly symmetric 2D flows with M. Lopes, H. Nussenzveig Lopes, M. E. Taylor. Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society. New Series, 39 (2008), n. 4, 471-513.
  40. Vanishing viscosity limit for incompressible flow inside a rotating circle, with M. Lopes, H. Nussenzveig Lopes. Physica D 237 (2008), no. 10-12, 1324-1333.
  41. On Transversely Isotropic Media with Ellipsoidal Slowness Surfaces , with L. Rachele. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 13 (2008), no. 7, 611-638.
  42. On Uniqueness in the Inverse Problem for Transversely Isotropic Elastic Media with a Disjoint Wave Mode, with L. Rachele. Wave Motion 44 (2007), 605-625.
  43. Mapping properties of heat kernels, maximal regularity, and semi-linear parabolic equations on noncompact manifolds, with V. Nistor. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations 3 (2006), n. 4, 599-629..
  44. Partial Uniqueness and Obstruction to Uniqueness in Inverse Problems for Anisotropic Elastic Media, with L. Rachele. Journal of Elasticity 83 (2006), n. 3, 205-245.
  45. Weak solutions, renormalized solutions, and enstrophy defects in 2D turbulence, with M. Lopes and H. Nussenzveig Lopes. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 179 (2006), n.3, 353-387.
  46. On the energy spectrum for weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equation. Nonlinearity 18 (2005), n.1, 1-19.
  47. Decomposition of Besov-Morrey spaces, in Harmonic Analysis at Mount Holyoke. AMS Series in Contemporary Mathematics 320 (2003), 279-294.
  48. Besov-Morrey Spaces: Function Space Theory and Applications to Non-Linear PDE. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. 355 (2003), 1297-1364.

Refereed Proceedings

  1. Anisotropic regularity and optimal rates of convergence for the Finite Element Method on three dimensional polyhedral domains, with C. Bacuta, and V. Nistor. Advances in Mathematics (Proceedings of The Seventh Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, June 29 - July 5, 2011, Brasov, Rumenia), pp. 57-73, Editura Academiei, Bucharest.
  2. On the zero viscosity limit in incompressible fluids. Physica Scripta T132 (2008), 0140002 (6 pp). (Proceedings of the 1st International Conference ``Turbulent Mixing and Beyond", ICTP, Trieste, 18-26 August 2007.)

Volumes edited

  1. Special Issue: Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Physica D, 376/377 (2018), with C. R. Doering, E. Lunasin.
  2. Transport, Mixing and Fluids, with G. Crippa, DeGruyter Open, 2017.

Submitted papers

  1. Enhanced dissipation by Circular Symmetric and Parallel Pipe Flows, with Y. Feng and C. Nobili.
  2. The linearized 3D Euler equations with inflow, outflow, with G.-M. Gie and J. P. Kelliher. Preprint arXiv:2203.14410.


  1. The 3D Euler equations with inflow, outflow and vorticity boundary conditions, with G.-M. Gie and J. P. Kelliher. Preprint arXiv:2203.15180.

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