La Vie Yearbook Online!

Penn State's yearbook, La Vie, is now available to everyone online as part of the Penn State University Libraries' Digital Collections. Browse or search cover-to-cover images of yearbooks from 1890-2000 on the Libraries' website at Find your self, find your friends, or simply turn back the pages of time! If you're like me, you might have bitter-sweet feelings about not having your picture taken for the yearbook!

For more details, see the announcement on our website!

Tip: When searching for a name, say "Joe Paterno," you will likely get better results if you use the "Advanced Search" option and enter the name on either the "All of the words" or "The exact phrase" line. This is especially helpful if you are searching across all issues. There are currently 180 pages referencing Joe Paterno, including the Dedication of the 1969 issue to the  "Coach of the Year."

Some print copies of La Vie are still available for purchase. For more information, see the La Vie student organization web site. Issues for 2001-2005 will become available in La Vie Online 2010.

In a related story from Penn State Live, "Penn State Alumni Find Themselves and Others on the New Digital La Vie."


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