My Philosophy of Nursing

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My nursing philosophy is one of holistic care, delivering compassionate and culturally sensitive care to patients, families, and or significant others.  I believe that nursing is an occupation consisting of professional individuals that exhibit and express compassion, respect, dignity, and integrity to their patients and fellow coworkers.  My personal philosophy is to first and foremost be a patient advocate, through clear communication, education, and applying critical thinking, and decision making skills to help better the patients' outcome.  As a nurse, it is important to me to provide the highest quality nursing care possible to achieve excellence in patient results, while simultaneously, providing a respectful healing environment.  To me nursing is about compassion and trying to understand human beings on all emotional, physical, and scientific levels.  It is a profession which uses evidence based practices yet displays a comprehensive understanding of human beings.  As a professional nurse (RN) I feel a personal commitment toward life-long learning, through formal education and hands-on experience to better myself and my nursing knowledge. 

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  • About Me
  • Required RN-BSN courses
    • Nurs 200W Introduction to Nursing Research
    • Nurs 351 Health Assessment
    • Nurs 390 Transition and the Professional Nursing Role
    • Nurs 417 Family and Community Health Concepts
    • Nurs 418 Application of Family and Community Health Concepts
    • Nurs 430 Organization and Administration for the Nurse Manager
    • Nurs 431 Data Management for Nurse Managers
    • Nurs 433 Seminar for Nurse Managers
    • Nurs 457 Introduction to Computing and Nursing Informatics
    • Nurs 465 Health Concepts for Adults with Complex Health Care Needs
    • Nurse 432 Nursing Management of Human Resources



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