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LeeAnn Rimes poses in a photo shoot for Glamour.
Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine reports that LeeAnn Rimes has been suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis ever since she was two years old. At school when she was young, other kids would make fun of her for her condition. Today, Rimes is speaking out about psoriasis. She was featured in a photo exhibit in New York City, which was part of a national campaign called, "Stop Hiding from Psoriasis," by the National Psoriasis Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology.

This is important to PennState students because some students may suffer from this disease just like LeeAnn, and it could be helpful to that person. It also informs other students what this disease is and how it is often misunderstood. 

Pistachios could improve heart health

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A photo of pistachios.
Photo Credit:  Scott Bauer/USDA

Penn State Live reports on a study being done by Penn State researchers regarding the ability of pistachios to lower cholesterol.  A controlled eating experiment had been done to help investigate the effects of pistachios added to a heart healthy moderate fat diet on cardiovascular disease risk factors.  The volunteers of the study ate the pistachios as snacks and as part of meals.  The study has shown that the diet consisting of 20% pistachios lowered bad cholesterol by about 12%.  The diet that consisted of only 10% pistachios also showed a 9% decrease in  bad cholesterol.

Students should be thinking of new ways to help their bodies as their metabolisms slow down.  This is a wonderful way to help lower cholesterol, while staying on a diet that tastes great.  Students should be aware of studies that may make it easier to stay healthy.
Photo credit: Clean and Sober is

Penn State Live reports that the incoming Penn State freshmen from this past summer were the first to participate in the online educational program AlcoholEdu. Students received notification of the program via email and mail. There is a second part to the program which is shorter and asks how the student has been doing with peer pressure among other things.

This could be interesting to our readers because alcohol is a real problem with students. The program is also implemented for some fraternities and other organizations. Students who plan on transferring and joining a fraternity may have to end up participating in this online educational program. I think this is a great idea. There are way too many alcohol related incidents that involve college students.

Too Much Salt Can Cause Hypertension

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Photo Source: eFluxMedia

eFluxMedia reports researchers at the University of Alabama recently found that too much salt can contribute to resistant high blood pressure. This is even when medicine is being taken to control it.

This is important because as college students, most of us do not think about blood pressure and our hearts. This reminds us that maybe we should restrict salt in our diet.

Cell Phones May Decrease Sperm Quality

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 A Cleveland Clinic study shows that mobile phones left on talk mode in a pocket can hurt sperm quality.
A man talking on his cell phone
Photo credit: AP Photo reports that if you keep your phone on talk mode in your wallet, it could decrease the quality of your sperm. The Cleveland Clinic performed this research. The reason someone would have their phone in their pocket on talk mode would be that you would have your headset on while the phone is in your pocket. They said that they don't have enough proof thus far to say that you shouldn't use your phone in your pocket.

This is important for our readers because many of them have cell phones. This is very relevant, especially since the blue tooth has become so popular. People generally keep their phones in their pockets when they have their blue tooth headsets on. People need to be informed of the risks they are taking when they turn on their blue tooth headsets.

Can Tanning Beds Be Healthy?

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tanning bed.jpg
A picture of a typical tanning bed.
Photo Credit:  McCall Spa Company

WebMD reports that tanning beds shouldn't be portrayed as healthy.  It seems that the tanning industry is attempting a campaign to portray indoor tanning as healthy and good for the body.  The Society of Melanoma's President and colleagues are arguing that the tanning industry is trying to mislead their customers.  President Fisher specifically told WebMD that ""There is no question that this exposure causes thousands of skin cancer deaths a year."

This story is important to the college population because many people use indoor tanning every year.  It's getting closer to the time when natural tanning won't be possible.  Many students will want to keep their warm summer glow and will turn to the indoor tanning bed.  It's important that they know the risks are real.

Curbing Binge Drinking for College Students

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Does alcohol consume most of a college students life?
Photo credit: Jez Burrows

NY Times reports that among the advice that parents give their children when leaving for college, is the speech about alcohol abuse. While the legal drinking age is 21, it seems as though in college there is a great deal of drinking off campus and in fraternity houses and sorority houses. The article outlines ways to help curb these habits.

This is important for our audience because many students here are heavy drinkers or when they make it up to University Park, they may become binge drinkers. Students need to be aware of the consequences of their actions. Many start binge drinking when they come to college due to peer pressure or just lack of things to do with friends.

Women Have Worse Nightmares Than Men

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Nightmares may cause you to wake up in the middle of the night terrified and in a pool of sweat.

Photo credit: Sheer Photo, Inc/Photodisc/Getty Images

ABC News reports that according to a survey done in the United Kingdom, women report having more nightmares than men. They are also more likely to have existential nightmares. Existential nightmares are dreams in which the dreamer loses something or a loved one. It also showed that women had more remembered nightmares.

This story is important to readers because there are plenty of students here that have nightmares. These studies show what most women have known for a long time, that we have more (and worse) nightmares than our male counterparts. I know that I personally suffer greatly from nightmares.

Is Your Doctor Laughing at You?

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Could your doctor or nurse be making jokes at your expense while you're out of it?

Photo credit: reports that some doctors (17% of doctors starting an internal medicine residency) have made fun of patients! With medical shows on television, it really shouldn't surprise many people that doctors occasionally have a little laugh at a patient under anesthesia. Some of this may be contributed to the fact that many doctors are burnt out or are on their way to being burnt out.

This is a great story for our readers! Everyone has been to a doctor's office and many of us have been "put under". I'm sure most of us have wondered whether or not the doctor was making fun of us while we were out. I'd like to assume that my physicians are professional, but after seeing these statistics I'm just not too sure!

Another Agenda for the Smoking Ban?

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Ed Stabile, of Tarentum, lights the cigarette of Joyce Daluisio, of Washington Township, during a protest of the new statewide smoking ban at the Kings Restaurant Thursday, Sept. 11, in New Kensington.
Jason Bridge/Valley News Dispatch
Photo Credit

The Valley News Dispatch reports that the state-wide smoking ban began Thursday, September 11th. Along with the ban, many sat in the Kings Family Parking lot instead of on the bar stools to protest the ban. Many of these smokers have been smoking in the restaurant for 15 years and see no reason for this to change. Along with not seeing a reason for this to change, Ed Stabile, 62 of Tarentum believes that this ban is a step toward needing a smoking license. The article mentions the hardships this ban will have on many bars and restaurants.

This is important for students at Penn State New Kensington because many young people smoke. It is important news to see that the government sees that non-smokers do not want to be bothered and slowly killed by those who choose to smoke in public places.

A Hope for Preventing Heart Damage...

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Researchers hope to develop a drug to reduce damage during bypass surgery
BBC News

BBC News reports that researchers have found a protein that reduces damage caused by a heart attack and may prove useful during bypass surgery. The protein is called ALDH2 and is usually involved in breaking down alcohol in the body. This research was found in rats and will take many years before it will be developed.

This article is important because while most people associate heart problems and attacks with older people; this is not the case. I am a college student at PSNK and most people do not know that I also have a heart problem from birth. Out there, there are many more college students and children just like me. Some also have it much worse than I do. I think that knowing things like this are very important. The school focuses on cancer; but no one ever focuses on the heart.  

Marijuana Ingredient Used for Good

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The NY Times reports that the main ingredient in marijuana, THC, has been shown to have promising antimicrobial properties against many microbial strains that have proven resistant against other drugs. The research is being carried out by Giovanni Appendino of the University of Eastern Piedmont and colleagues.  Although the five most common cannabinoids were found to be effective against certain strains, much more research will need to be conducted to see if they would be effective as systemic antibiotics.

Students at any college are usually caught off guard when there's good news to be said about a popular recreational drug.  I believe that this article will spark the interest of many students and also do an excellent job of showing them that they shouldn't take everything at face value.  Just because they were taught that something was bad, doesn't mean that something good can't come out of it.

10 Germy Surfaces You Touch Everyday

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Germiest Surfaces

Photo credit: ABC News


ABC News reports that there are surfaces that we come in contact with everyday that are covered in germs. They also report that we are too! Only about 1% of the 60,000 or so types of germs that we come in contact each day can cause harm to normal humans with normal immune systems. Here are the ten: Purses/Wallets, Remote Control, Laundry Machines, Cutting Board, Your Phone, Water Fountains, Buttons (ATMs, elevators, etc.), Yoga Mats, Airplane Bathrooms, Shopping Carts. ABC News advises always washing your hands frequently!

This is definitely important to PSNK readers. With flu season coming up, prevention is key. If students know where the germs hang out, they can either avoid them or take preventative measures to stay germ (and flu) free. Most students are already aware of the fact that washing their hands is important, but it can never be stressed enough that the frequency must be more than the average "after using the restroom" drill.

A New Eating Disorder: Orthorexia

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Understanding orthorexia, a new eating disorder plaguing healthy eaters.

Photo credit: ABC News photo illustration


ABC News reports that there is a new eating disorder that is reeking havoc on those who daily seek refuge in healthy foods. This disorder is Orthorexia. The people who suffer from this eating disorder obsess over health foods and put their next meal above everything else in their lives. Some of them compulsively catalog their meals. Some scientists are categorizing this not only as an eating disorder, but also as being obsessive compulsive about health foods.

I think this is important for PSNK students because there are many people out there who are suffering with this condition that are either too scared to come forward or who just don't know what it is. Education is key when it comes to medical conditions and eating disorders. When these types of things interfere with daily life, measures should be taken to help prevent the situation from furthering. If they see it here, maybe they will begin those steps.


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