All readings with an AN (accession number) can be accessed at Penn State's Ebsco site under the Business Source Premier link. Other readings may be accessed through the University library database ABI Inform.   

Readings List

Introduction (23 Aug):

The New World Disorder.

By: Checa, N.,  Maguire, J. and; Barney, J. (2003). Harvard Business Review. Vol. 81 Issue 8, p70-79, (AN 10256891)


Distance Still Matters. The Hard Reality of Global Expansion.

By: Ghemawat, P. (2001). Harvard Business Review. Vol. 79 Issue 8, p137-147 (AN 5134712)


National Political Economy I (30 Aug):

Why Democracies Excel.

By: Siegle, J., Weinstein, M. and. Halperin, M. (2004). Foreign Affairs. Vol. 83 Issue 5, p57-71

(AN 14348325) or JSTOR


Democracy Without America.

By: Mandelbaum, M. (2007) Foreign Affairs. Vol. 86 Issue 5, p119-130  (AN 26258104)


National Political Economy II (13 Sept):

The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers.

 By: Gat, A. (2007). Foreign Affairs. Vol. 86 Issue 4, p59-69 (AN 25610518)


How Development Leads to Democracy.

By: Inglehart, R. and  Welzel, C. (2009)  Foreign Affairs. Vol. 88 Issue 2, p33-48

(AN 36636310)


National Culture I (20 Sept)

The Clash of Civilizations?

By: Huntington, S. (1993) Foreign Affairs. Vol. 72 Issue 3, p22-49 (AN 9308115868)


The True Clash of Civilizations.

By: Inglehart, R. and Norris, P. (2003). Foreign Policy. Issue 135, p62, (AN 9157954)


National Culture II (27 Sept)

Cultural constraints in management theories.

By: Hofstede, G. (1993). Academy of Management Executive, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p81 (AN 9409142061)


Understanding the transaction costs of transition: It's the culture, stupid.

By: Pejovich, S. (2003). Review of Austrian Economics, Vol. 16, Iss. 4, p. 347




Modernization's Challenge to Traditional Values: Who's Afraid of Ronald McDonald?

By: Inglehart, R., Baker, W. (2001). Futurist, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p16-21 (AN 4123152)


Islamic and Western Values.

By: Mazrui, A. (1997). Foreign Affairs. Vol. 76 Issue 5, p118-132, (AN 9712070263)


Case: Lincoln Electric: Venturing abroad (Harvard packet)


Trade economics and policies (4 Oct)

The economic gains from trade: Theories of strategic trade

By: Kennedy, R (1996) (Harvard packet)



The new mercantilism.

By: Wolf Jr., C. (1994) Public Interest. Issue 116, p96-106, 11p; (AN 9410043564)


Foreign direct investment (11 Oct)

Background and agreements in Foreign Direct Investment

By: Wells, L.T. and Sprague, C.C. (1997) (Harvard packet)


Monetary systems (18 Oct)

Foreign exchange markets and transactions

By: Desai, Mihir. (2007) (Harvard packet)


Reflections on Exchange Rate Regimes.

By: Hanke, S. (1999). CATO Journal. Vol. 18 Issue 3, p335, 10p;

(AN 2421263)


Regional and global economic integration (25 Oct)

International institutions

By: Moss, D., Wells, L., and Gopalan, L. (1996) (Harvard packet)


Institutions/gaps/assessment (1 Nov)

Country analysis in a "global" village"

By: Scott, B. (2001) (Harvard packet)


The Global Costs of Opacity.

By: Kurtzman, J., Yago, G. and Phumiwasana, T. (2004) MIT Sloan Management Review. Vol. 46 Issue 1, p38 (AN 14829773)


Strategies That Fit Emerging Markets.

By: Khanna, T.,  Palepu, K. and Sinha, J. (2005).  Harvard Business Review. Vol. 83 Issue 6, p63-76, (AN 17276846)


International expansion (8 Nov)

When You Shouldn't Go Global.

By: Alexander, M. and Korine, H. (2008). Harvard Business Review. Vol. 86 Issue 12, p70-77, (AN 35387053)


Managing Global Expansion: A Conceptual Framework.

By: Gupta, Anil K.; Govindarajan, Vijay. Business Horizons, Mar/Apr2000, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p45,  (AN 2957428)


Foreign Market Entry (15 Nov)

New to exporting?


Introduction to Commerce Department Export Controls


Assessing the franchise option

By: Tikoo, Surinadar (1996). Business Horizons, Vol. 39. Iss 3, p. 78

(AN 9606205896)              



FDI - Acquisitions, alliances, and greenfield opportunities (29 Nov)

Strategic alliances and joint ventures: Making them work.

By: Walters, B. and.Peters, S.(1994).  Business Horizons.. Vol. 37 Issue 4, p5

(AN 9408150703)


The Dubious Logic of Global Megamergers.

By: Ghemawat, P. and Ghadar, F. (2000). Harvard Business Review, Vol. 78 Issue 4, p65-72

(AN 3261338)


Strategies for globalization (6 Dec)

Regional Strategies for Global Leadership.

By: Ghemawat, P. (2005). Harvard Business Review. Vol. 83 Issue 12, p98-108

(AN 18916536)


The End of Corporate Imperialism.

By: Prahalad, C. K.; Lieberthal, Kenneth. Harvard Business Review, Vol. 81 Issue 8, p109-117

(AN 10256914)

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