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Who said you can only find exotic food overseas? Well, if your that person you're wrong. There are some pretty darn right bizarre foods right here at Penn State, a college campus in central Pennsylvannia. 

I decided to check out some menu's at different Penn State dinning locations on the psu menu website. Tomorrow, West Hall is serving for lunch Chana Nimbu Nariyal (Chick Pea & Coconut Salad); it sounds Hawaiian to me... Turns out after a little research Chana Nimbu Nariyal is indian food; both chick peas and coconuts are common ingredients in Indian recipes. Seems, however, psu put a little twist on indian food, considering chana nimbu nariyal doesn't exist in India.

Even though the combination sounds pretty exotic, or interestingly disgusting if you ask me...  the ingredients alone are pretty normal. I'd easily stick a chick pea in my mouth or take a bit out of coconut. However, looking at penn state menus you really don't find any 'organ meat' as my grandmother called it. Some combinations may seem weird, but nothing screams 'WHAT IS THAT!' Penn State menu's pretty much stick to pizza, mac & cheese, grilled cheese, salad, pasta, etc... 

In your comments, share some of the exotic and gross foods you've had in the dinning hall. 

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