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Perez-Sanchez Measuring Sensitivity in Bonus-Malus System
Pinquet Long-Range Contagion In Automobile Insurance Data: Estimation and Implications For Experience Rating
Viaene A Comparison Of State-Of-The-Art Classification Techniques For Expert Automobile Insurance Fraud Detection

Frostig Ordering Ruin Probabilities For Correlated Claims Arrival Streams
Goovaerts The Concept of Comonotonicity in Actuarial Science and Finance: Theory
  Kaas A Simple Geometric Proof That Comonotonic Risks Have The Convex-Largest Sum
  Spreeuw The Risky Thing About Dependent Mortality

Cummins Estimating Efficiency and Productivity In the Insurance Industry: Frontier Efficiency Methodologies
Landsman Risk Measures and Insurance Premium Principles
Posey Switching Cost, Competition and Pricing in the Property-Liability Insurance Market for Large Commercial Accounts

Bermúdez Detecting and Estimating Long-Memory Processes On Spanish Interest Rates
Carriere Linear Regression and Standardized Quasi-Monte Carlo For Approximating Optimal Stopping Times
DeSchepper Bounds For Present Value Functions With Stochastic Interest Rates And Stochastic Volatility
Hernández-Rangel Pricing and Hedging In Incomplete Markets: Applications To Insurance Contracts
Lee Pricing Equity-Indexed Annuities Embedded with Exotic Options
Shiu Pricing Lookback Options and Dynamic Guarantees
Yang Reserving For Guaranteed Annuity Options :A Stochastic Simulation Approach

Carson The Economics and Actuarial Value Of Life Insurance Backdating (Part A)
Cordeiro The Average Duration Of A Claim and Claim Inception Rates By Cause Of Disability
  Hu Mortality Assessment Technology: A New Tool For Life Insurance Underwriting
  Milevsky The Term Structure Of Mortality-Contingent Claims: Some Canadian Evidence
  Ostaszewski The Economics and Actuarial Value Of Life Insurance Backdating (Part B)

Brown A Macro-Economic Indicator Of Age At Retirement
Figueira Maintenance Cost of Non-Autonomous Pensions Funds: An Evaluation Via A Regeneration Scheme Of Diffusion Processes
Huang More On The Control Of Pension Funds: Optimal Contribution and Asset Strategies
Nardini From An Unfunded To A Partially Funded Pension System: Feasibility, Fairness, and Accrued Rights
Shand Stochastic Modeling Of The Pension Accounting Expense
Sinha Market Structure and Difficulty With Cost Reduction In Publicly Mandated But Privately Run Pension Plans
  Steffensen Control By Intervention Options In Life and Pension Insurance
  Vigna Optimal Investment Strategies and Risk Measures In Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

Brazauskas Influence Functions Of Empirical Nonparametric Estimators Of Reinsurance Premiums
Pitacco Facing LTC Risks
Snoussi On The Distribution Of The Surplus Prior and At Ruin In A Discrete Semi-Markov Risk Model
  Verrall A Stochastic Model for the Bornhuetter-Ferguson Method of Claims Reserving

Brockett Fraud Classification Using Principal Component Analysis Of RIDITs
Frees Multivariate Credibility For Aggregate Loss Models
Shapiro The Merging Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms
  Sundt On Error Bounds For Approximations To Multivariate Distributions II