Wait...What do you mean you don't wash your hair everyday?

You've had your hair straight for a week now how does it stay straight when you wash it? You mean you only straightened it once? You haven't washed your hair all week? You don't have to? Of course you do! What? Ew! What do you mean you don't wash your hair everyday? Doesn't it get oily and dirty?

The science of kinky curly hair is truly fascinating. As a Black woman, I have been asked this question many times by puzzled white women who don't understand the nature of our hair as their hair type is most widely advertised. To start, curly textures are drier naturally since we have porous hair that loses and gains moisture very quickly. Our hair curls and coils prevent what little natural scalp oil we have from reaching all the way to the ends of our strands. There are many rules to <a href="http://www.wikihow.com/Take-Care-of-Black-Girls'-Hair">black hair care</a> which many of us are not aware of. To start, the vast majority of shampoos are made with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is very drying to curly haired textures stripping the oils from your strands to cleanse them which is why conditioner should be used immediately after. 

Natural oils must be applied to curly textures to replenish the oils that have already escaped through the shampooing process. Replenishing the natural oils will help retain moist, strong, hair with little breakage.

photo taken from <a href="www.africanaturalistas.com">here</a>

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