The Upside of Dyslexia

    Most people when they hear the word dyslexia they think of it has a disability something that hinders ones ability to learn and process information the same. Dyslexia is after all a learning disability that affects nearly 15% of americans. For as long as dyslexia has been around doctors and therapist have being trying to figure out what causes it and ways to fix it. In recent years they have started to look at it in a different light, trying to find out how people with dyslexia have skills that are superior to those who don't. 

       Dyslexia is a very complex disorder and there is still a lot misunderstood about it. According to a 2010 Roper poll 80% of americans associate it with mental retardation. "Neurobiological disorder by origin dyslexia is a specific language-based learning disability that typically manifests itself through difficulty in reading, writing, spelling and math.It has nothing to do with intelligence, birth defects, mental illness, home environment, level of education or economic status."(HBO) No one really knows what causes dyslexia and it affects everyone that has it differently. There is still much to be learned about it and thats why its so interesting to scientist. In the HBO documentary a Journey Into Dyslexia by Alan Raymond, they look into the lives of successful dyslexics and how it affects them. The successful dyslexics talk about how they struggles through school but could strive in there areas of work due to their "gift". 

    One thing is known for certain dyslexia it creates one small difficulty in a sea of strengths an article published by Yales center for dyslexia states. Yale Center For Dyslexia goes on to say "People with dyslexia are often very creative, and typically develop some clever skills to help them figure out words and sentences that give them trouble at first. Dyslexics often think of unexpected ways to solve a problem or tackle a challenge." As someone with dyslexia I agree with this very much I went through all of school without any extra attention by finding different ways for myself to learn things. Even now when I go somewhere with people that aren't dyslexic I realize things right away that they don't and the same goes for them. I see things differently then anyone I know, due to my gift or my disability however you look at it. Being able to adapt is the most important thing to your survival and dyslexia forces you to adapt, you make up for what you lack by being stronger in other areas. 

      Dyslexia does not only effect people in the class room it effects people in the business world as well. In a study done by A Journey Into Dyslexia found that 35% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic. Thats a interesting statistic considering dyslexics only make up 10-15%of the country. So does dyslexia make people better leaders? Thats unclear but there is a clear correlation of dyslexia and entrepreneurship. It could be due to the fact that they look at things differently then everyone else allows them to see things that others would not pick up on. They think differently and that is what could have drawn them to start their own business that wasn't thought of before.

      Albert Einstein one of the brightest scientific minds ever had dyslexia, in enabled him to discover things that non dyslexic minds would have not had the ability to think of, because his mind was wired a different way. Walt Disney is another famous dyslexic who's ability helped him imagine a fantasy world that every little kid dreams of going to, as well as characters like Mickey and mini mouse. Pablo Picasso the trend setting genius artist another famous dyslexic. It is not a coincidence that they all share this same gift and were just trendsetters in their respective fields.    

     In conclusion dyslexia shouldn't be looked down on by people as a disability but as a gift. In class where were learn how important it is to take every perspective into account, dyslexia is a perfect example of why we should. These trend setters were able to so impactful because they saw and thought of what everyone else couldn't have imagined because they had a different out look on things. Andrew tells us how important it is to think out of the box and for me it is a simple thing but for others it can be such a hard concept to grasp, maybe in part to me being dyslexic I have an easier time seeing things from other points of view. I will never be ashamed of having dyslexia, I look at it as a gift that I am proud to have.  


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