The Healthier Lifestyle (Carnivores)


In my previous blog I discussed all the health benefits of being a vegan.  They mostly included less fat and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and other fatal diseases.  However, those of your enjoy your meat don't have to worry too much.  Because with a balanced diet, being a meat eater isn't terrible.  



Being a vegan may not give the unnecessary amount of saturated fat, but it will also not give the protein and iron needed.  Proteins serve as enzymes and perform important tasks such as transporting oxygen, contracting muscles, and making up the outer layer of hair, nails and skin.  Unlike vegans, who have to consume 40-60 grams of nuts or beans to get enough protein, meat eaters can consume a small steak and still get the same results.  


Another advantage of being a meat eater is having a proper intake of iron.  Iron is important for the body because it helps cells carry oxygen to the lungs.  Iron also helps the muscles to store and use oxygen.  Iron deficiency or anemia can cause fatigue in people.  Anemia is becoming an increasingly serious problem between vegans and vegetarians.  Because of the lack of animal products in the diet, iron levels are low.  Most vegetarians are able to recuperate by taking enough dairy products; however vegans may have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Along with the proper amount of B-12, iron, and protein in a meat eater's body, they are also able to obtain enough calcium through dairies.  An additional benefit while comparing to a vegan diet is that usually proportions of meat tend to fill the stomach up more.  Also, many people who decide to spontaneously (or even with a well-thought out plan) switch to being vegan or vegetarian go through meat withdrawals.  Many people will at first try to replace these animal products they are used to with synthesized substitutes which sometimes can be bad for you.  


Unfortunately, in my research I was unable to find any other benefits of being a meat eater.  I have concluded that solely the health related disadvantages overshadow the health related benefits.  Although a vegan diet is perhaps more healthy than a meat eater lifestyle, other benefits such as the pure enjoyment of taste, and convenience of having food available regardless of where you are could justify why someone may choose this diet.


For my final blog relating to this subject I will be giving proof as to why being a vegetarian is the most beneficial 



This is article is very informative, many people tell me vegetarian is bad because you are unable to intake all the nutrients that your body needs. Personally I disagree since many of the nutrients found in meat can be found in many other foods, and it is also a great way to loose weight and stay healthy! It is also known that it can prevent type 2 diabetes! I just find it very difficult to not eat meat but props too you! Check out this article about the benefits of being a vegetarian!

This blog caught my eye because I was a vegetarian from 7th grade to 10th grade. I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons because I had seen a lot of those videos put out by PETA of animals getting slaughtered and researched it more and decided that I wanted to do something to help the cause. Of course, I had a hard time at first and missed meat a lot, but it got easier after a while. However, when I went to Spain in 10th grade I kind of just gave up and ate the "jamón" (ham) there. It was next to impossible to be a vegetarian in Spain, and I had realized that there were many other ways that I could help stop animal cruelty that would do a lot more, like buying local and organic. While I was a vegetarian, I did have some health issues just because I didn't even really like vegetables, so I didn't eat that much and did not get all my nutrients. Something I thought was interesting is the difference between the carnivore's food pyramid compares to a vegetarian's food pyramid, which you can see in this link!

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