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When I was little, every night without fail, my dad would read me at least three books. He did the same with my older brother and with my little brother too and he did so before we were even old enough to understand what he was saying. I've always heard that reading to children makes them smarter but I never knew if it was actually true. Turns out, it might be. 

According to this article I found, reading to children when they are young helps with literacy development, language acquisition, and achievement in reading comprehension. It also increases the children's overall success in school. Approximately twenty-six percent of kids who were read to when they were young at least three to four times a week by someone in their family recognized all the letters of the alphabet. Kids that were read to frequently are more likely to be able to count to 20 or higher than children who were not. Children who were read to also were more likely to be able to write their own names and read. Apparently, just by having books in the house can help improve the student improve in school as well. 



I think its actually kind of absurd to say that someone who was read to has a better chance to be intellectually more capable than someone who was left in silence as a baby. What were they being read? Who was reading it? Someone who is not able to read and/or understand English why and/or how can it plausible for them to become smarter? If this child was Einstein's spawn then I understand that you can assume his actual intellectual capacity, however you have no idea who you're talking about, and cannot make a realistic assumption and therefore look kind of stupid....... All I am saying is that read to or not can you realistically argue this without knowing the original, un-skewed estimate of this un-known individual's inherited intellectual potential.

I think that Luke is on to something here. We definitely need to know more. What controls were used to keep the integrity of this experiment. And the real question is: why? How is it that reading to a child could make them smarter ( Ive heard this before with listening to classical music)? Is there some biological mechanism or is it simply that reading to babies familiarizes them with the language? I need answers and i needed them yesterday.

I really think Luke brings up some good points here. How many experiments and studies and tests about how this can be proven. If you read to a child, they're not doing the work themselves and majority of the time they're staring at the pictures. I don't think reading to a child can harm them or cause any damage, but I think we need more here to prove how much it can help someone.

I would raise a couple of questions about this study. The first major question I would pose is, what controls were had in this experiment? It would have beeb much more effective in this experiment if the researcher had gone just the tiniest further in depth to truly see the effects of book reading at a young age. The only problem with my suggestion is that the morality of the study coms into question. Whenever a child is put into the line of fire of a study, he or she will most likely create a rukus amongst whoever is conducting the study.

I feel that, as others have pointed out, this study was rather incomplete and left me guessing some key factors that have already been mentioned above. However, I can also attest to the fact that I know my parents reading to me when I was younger helped me do well in school. It instilled in me a love of reading, which taught me so much about application of knowledge I had learned as well as vocabulary and grammar skills. I still remember little tidbits of information that I read in books and I still use them today. I'm not saying that being read to automatically equates to higher intelligence, but I can definitely say that it does not hurt in the least to be read to as a child. The following article actually lists reasons that reading to babies and small children is of great benefit to them.

Although reading to children definitely does not negatively affect their success in school, I am not one hundred percent sure that it positively affects it either. I find myself questioning if the type of material being read to the child plays any sort of role in affecting their development. Do they have to be read beginner books, or will the front page of the newspaper suffice? In my opinion, if parents are reading their small children long novels or other advanced books, the children will not understand, and in turn lose interest. Here is a list of the 100 greatest books for kids:

This to me makes a lot of sense to me.I read recently in an article that just how much your parents talk around you can contribute to how smart you are i get why hearing words you don't get would make you smarter. Its shocking to me that just hearing words and not knowing the meaning can still make you smarter. This article made me realize that reading to my kids is something that ill defiantly be doing when I'm a parent because there is no loss in reading to your kids, not only is it good bonding time but can really help them get smarter.

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