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Coming back from a week long break full of sleeping, eating and watching television and into the world of group projects, homework and of course the dreaded finals can be extremely stressful. I know I speak for a lot of college students when I discuss the struggle of the last few weeks before Christmas break. Unfortunately the stress that comes along with these weeks is a sad reality that we will all be facing. But what really happens to our bodies when we are stressed? I have always been curious as to what type of toll our bodies take when we are facing such stress. I did some research to find out. 

The American College Counseling Association did a study that reaveled that 37.4% of students who seek help actually have severe psychological disorders, which has gone up signinficanly in the past few years. Obviously these problems develop from all different areas of stress including but not limited to money, academia and society. There are different types of stress as welll. "Healthy Worry" is defined as the feeling of uneasiness and concern. Everyone has this, it is almost unavoidable. The bad stress, known as "Unhealthy Anxiety" occurs when the uneasiness and concern consume you and fill you with apprehension to the point where you can no longer control your anxiety level. 

Stress and anxiety happens to college kids for a number of reasons. First off, we are all in an environment different from our home filled with pressure. Balancing many activities and school can be a huge struggle. I know for myself, I am a junior, but still feel pressure as much as I did freshman year. There are a lot of ways to find stress, but how do we handle it?

There are many ways to help relieve stress, but I have chosen a few that I feel would be the most helpful. This article by Fox news had some good tips. First off, they recommend that if your stress comes from papers and assignments, you should shy from procrastinating and make a schedule. Drinking lots of water and eating well can also help you stay healthy, especially in these flu months. For more information on how to handle your stress click here!


I enjoyed reading this blog. Stress just seems synonymous when you think of Finals Week. It's kind of weird though to hear that 37.4% of students who seek help really do have a severe psychological disorder. It makes me wonder why our generation is so distraught. It's interesting that the spike in diagnosed psychological disorders is happening right now.

That 38% is extremely high and its unsettling to think that its increasing. I think that it's increasing because the competition of college is increasing along with increasing costs of college all combine to make it extremely stressful to a point of breaking for many students. I think that something that schools can do is have educations on stress and how to handle it so that students are able to handle it when they face it.

I'm interested in what you think the correlation between the freshman 15 and stress. Does stress make you fat? I think the distinction between healthy stress and unhealthy stress is great to consider...I usually associate stress with negativity, but this points out that their are different types of stress.

Are you familiar with a fight or flight response? I've heard of it before, and remember it was associated with a healthy kind of stress. I did a little research and learned a lot from this website

I learned that "butterflies" you feel in your stomach are actually part of our body's normal response to stress and can be beneficial because it makes you feel more empowered to make changes. A fight or flight response helps me understand that the body can be manipulated in a healthy, adaptive way to respond to stress.

I agree that the transition of coming back from a long break of doing nothing but relaxing back to the heavy workload of college can be very stressful. Most of us do not do much work over break and as a result we are swamped when we return. I think the best way to handle all of the stress is to try to do a little bit of work each night rather than trying to cram it all into one session. That way, it is never totally overwhelming. I think it is also good to take a break from work to take your mind off of it, such as going to the gym. I have found that this is a great way to relieve stress by exhausting yourself physically so that you are not as mentally exhausted.

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