Someone Invented Magic?

Are you tired of spilling liquid and any type of food on you and staining your clothes? Someone has found a solution to all those problems! In the article Someone Invented Magic And It Is Freaking Us Out from a video is included that explains how they invented their magic. 

Here is a link to the video.

This product, NeverWet, is basically a coating that you put on whatever you don't want to get wet. Then you spray it with another coating and it magically resists any water, EVER. The video shows an example of how this liquid-repellant treatment can literally block and type of water. One example that I not only found fascinating, but also extremely useful was taking a cardboard box and turning it into a cooler. This idea is perfect for a tailgate; they took a case of beer and emptied all the contents, then they put both coatings of the product onto the cardboard box and filled it with ice. Normally, the ice would turn the cardboard into a flimsy version, but the NeverWet solution turns it into an efficient cooler! 

This is something that anyone can benefit from, and for only $20 at that. Not only does NeverWet protect you from water, but it also protects you from any type of heavy oils. "It is a family of super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils."

It is clear that magic can come in any form. I think this invention is so simple but could profit a lot because of how people can use it in their everyday lives. When NeverWet was created, the developers really had the customer in mind and produced something that truly anyone can use. Today, I think that is the most important thing when it comes to developing a new product. If the customer doesn't have a real use for it, then they won't buy it and it is a waste of time. The NeverWet product is something that will never go out of style and can be used for many years to come.



I saw this video trending recently and it seemed to go viral. I was immediately intrigued so decided to look into it, only to find that the reviews are not as awesome as I had expected. I looked on Amazon and found various reviews that described the substance as leaving items with a "milky haze". The product had 2 1/2 stars out of 5! Hopefully the scientists improve their magic!

This sounds pretty awesome, I'd love to try the cooler trick but I'm always very skeptical with all of these infomercial-type products. Earlier this year I was scammed into purchasing the "amazing" Flex Seal. Their commercial featured the Flex Seal miraculously fixing leaking roofs, cracked driveways, and even keeping a boat afloat that had holes drilled into it! Unfortunately upon receiving this miraculous product it wasn't so miraculous. After a few shakes of the can I tried to use it on my leaky roof and it did nothing. It coated my roof in a thin layer of bubbly plastic, failed to cover up the cracks whatsoever and just dripped all over the floor. It's tough to trust any products like the Never Wet and the Flex Seal, they all seam kind of phony to me now especially after reading the comment above. Sometimes things are too good to be true, and everything may not be what it appears. Check out their site to see for yourself, I can't recommend you their product even though if you buy one you get one free, and now it comes in 3 colors! lol

This video was amazing to watch! This is such a common problem and companies have come up with other products such as tide to go but it doesn't look as effective as this. The fact that it is instantly water proof and stain free does seem magical. I think my mom will love this product. I can't wait to try it.

great post! I was actually going to write a blog on this as well because I found it so interesting! The video is absolutely amazing but how well does the product actually work? I would love to purchase this product to try it out for myself thats for sure! Like the commenters above though I haven't seen very many good reviews for this product. It would be awesome though if the creators could make it perfect because then i'd never have to worry about dropping my phone in the toilet again!

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